Look At More

A Proven Approach to
Innovation, Growth, and Change

“I’ll show you how to become a curator of inspiration and drive innovation for yourself and your business,” writes Andy Stefanovich in his new book Look At More. This is no ordinary book about innovation. Rather, it’s a guided tour of the best ways to harness inspiration by thinking differently — and encouraging others to do the same.

Andy shares insights into his proven LAMSTAIH approach (Look At More Stuff, Think About It Harder) as well as his 5 Ms (Mood, Mindset, Mechanisms, Measurement, Momentum) providing detailed instructions, plus dozens of stories that illustrate what innovation looks like in action.

These are the methods that Andy and the Prophet team have used to help clients like GE, Disney, Coca-Cola, the U.S. Olympic Committee, and Ritz Carlton develop new products, build brands and audiences, grow market share, and encourage workforce creativity. Look At More makes innovation easy and accessible to everyone.

What Readers Are Saying

Andy Stefanovich is a masterful storyteller and a true "curator of inspiration." Look at More gives you a dose of Andy's adrenaline and creative can-do spirit, and it provides you with a powerful how-to guide for inspiring workplace innovation that lasts.
—Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer, GE
Andy offers the reader a unique insight into what it really takes to create innovation within the structure of a corporate environment today. Andy doesn't think outside the box. He blows it up and starts again, helping large corporations think and behave like start ups.
—Duncan Wardle, Vice President, Creative Inc, Disney Co.
Andy Stefanovich delivers a host of innovative approaches to transform you and your business. The addictive narrative, while informative and actionable, is as creative as he wants us all to be.
—Ivy Ross, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Gap Brand at Gap Inc.

About the Author

Andy Stefanovich is Chief Curator and Provocateur at Prophet, a strategic brand and marketing consultancy.

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