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5 More Ways to Improve Your Marketing Program Prophet Article  October 9, 2013
5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Program Prophet Article  October 7, 2013
Ready, Set, Target: What Email Marketers Can Learn from F1 Racing Prophet Article  July 9, 2013
Assorted Surprises for Selecting Retail SKU Assortments Prophet Article  July 8, 2013
Attention-Deficit World: In Search of Meaningful Insights in 140 Characters Prophet Article  June 24, 2013
The Use And Misuse of Customer Lifetime Value Models (CLTV) Prophet Article  June 24, 2013
Helping Clients Develop 21st Century Analytics Capabilities Prophet Article  June 11, 2013
The Myths of Big Data Prophet Article  May 30, 2013
A Model Answer to CPG Pricing Simon Lane Article  May 28, 2013
The Power of Brand Valuation as a Brand Management Tool Prophet Article  May 16, 2013
Marketing Mix Modeling is Not What it Used to Be. (And That’s a Good Thing!) Prophet Article  May 1, 2013
Putting the Force Back in Sales Force and Link Gan Article  November 14, 2012
Brand Valuation: Paradoxes and Pathways Prophet Article  June 11, 2012
8 Rules For Effective Marketing Analytics Prophet Article  May 21, 2012
Mastering the Art and Science of Pricing Analytics Paul Schrimpf Article  April 10, 2012
Analytics: Creative Force and Decision Support Tool Prophet Article  March 22, 2012
Brain-Powered Marketing Prophet Article  March 13, 2012
The Shopping Channel: Marrying Brand, Pricing and Promotional Strategy Prophet Article  February 19, 2012
JCPenney's Brand-Building: Out Of The Vortex Paul Schrimpf Article  February 13, 2012
3D, 4G, and 5 a.m. Nights and Kevin O’Donnell Article  January 17, 2012
The Future of Marketing Swiss Marketing Association Article  November 7, 2011
Emart Reinvented: Transformation to a World-Class Retailer Andres Nicholls and Jay Milliken Article  October 20, 2011
Don’t Let the Medium Supplant the Message: Two Paths to Optimal Messaging Prophet Article  July 20, 2010
Prophet Perspective: Elevating Marketing’s Role in M&A Kevin O’Donnell Article  March 10, 2010
Goya is Big, But Not Great (Yet) Larry Lucas Article  February 17, 2009