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3 Reasons Why You Should Focus on Your Hospital's Brand Jeff Boyar, Jeff Gourdji, and Maria Tazi Article  August 23, 2013
Aaker on Branding: 20 Principles That Drive Success David Aaker Book  March 4, 2014
Achieving Consistency — Delivering on Your Brand Promise Across All Customer Touchpoints Prophet Article  March 1, 2003
Banking on Delivery Jeff Smith Article  September 1, 2004
Brand Asset Management Scott M. Davis Book  September 26, 2002
Brand-Customer Relationship: The Face of Your Business Strategy Prophet White Paper  January 1, 2001
Build a Brand Consumers Will Actually Want to Control Scott M. Davis Article  December 18, 2007
Building the Brand-Driven Business Michael Dunn and Scott M. Davis Book  September 17, 2002
Correcting the Brand Backlash Kevin O’Donnell Article  February 11, 2009
Customer Experience - It's Not Just for B-to-C Players Anymore Jennifer Barron, Jesse Purewal, and Nancy Lu Article  January 13, 2012
Cut Ties with Tradition and Expand Your Influence Scott M. Davis Article  February 1, 2006
Don’t Be Afraid to Plunge Into Emerging Media Scott M. Davis Article  August 2, 2007
Emart Reinvented: Transformation to a World-Class Retailer Andres Nicholls and Jay Milliken Article  October 20, 2011
Forecasting: The Design Studio of the Near Future Darrin Crescenzi Article  October 9, 2013
From Control to Influence – Brand Leadership in a Networked Era Prophet Article  September 27, 2010
Getting Apps Right: How Domino's Is Beating the Odds Scott M. Davis Article  June 25, 2012
Give the CMO More Authority Prophet Article  November 16, 2009
Great Brand Building is Just a Touch Away Scott M. Davis Article  June 1, 2002
Harmonizing Your Touchpoints Scott M. Davis and Tina Cicci Article  January 1, 2003
Hobo Signs: What Are Your Customers Saying About You? Prophet Article  September 12, 2012
How to Cope With Aging Brands Joseph Gelman Article  October 8, 2008
Implications of Customer Service on Brand Prophet Article  December 1, 2004
In Business or Travel, Recombobulation's the Ticket Prophet Article  October 27, 2010
Innovation is Design and Design is Innovation Joshua Epperson Article  October 9, 2013
Is your brand sharp enough? Scott M. Davis Article  December 9, 2009