What happens when 250 people get together to solve a problem?

In 2008, the global financial crisis caught the small country of Iceland directly in its cross-hairs. When all 3 of the country’s commercial banks failed, Iceland faced the largest economic collapse in history. By mid-2011 the economy had stabilized and Iceland began to turn its focus toward the next wave of growth.

In 2012, Prophet partnered with Promote Iceland, an organization with the mission of boosting Iceland’s image and reputation abroad by promoting tourism, industry and Icelandic culture. Promote Iceland had identified six growth areas and was looking for innovative concepts they could activate to accelerate economic growth.

So we took the entire team of 250 Prophet teammates to Iceland and put our innovative problem solving approach into practice. We spent three days immersing in Iceland’s unique culture and environment. We talked with native Icelanders, experienced the art, culture and music scene in Reykjavik, and engaged in diverse outdoor activities from caving to sea kayaking. Then, working side-by-side, teammates from all of Prophet’s practices and disciplines rolled up our sleeves and put our right-to-left problem solving approach into practice. The process resulted in over two dozen robust concepts, three of which the Promote Iceland team selected for implementation.

For more information, please contact Sally Hodge: shodge@hodgemediastrategies.com.


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