Altimeter analysts Charlene Li and Brian Solis proudly introduce their new book The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy. It was written to help readers learn how to better align social media strategies with business objectives to deliver real results and ROI.

Charlene and Brian spent the better part of a year studying how companies employed social media strategies and how their businesses evolved as a result. The initial findings were outlined in their acclaimed report, The 6 Stages of Social Business Transformation.

In their research, they also learned that advanced social businesses shared seven distinct traits that nurtured their development. Presented in an easy to read and actionable format, the book includes solid examples, best practices and direction for how to define an effective social strategy, create alignment across the organization, and use that strategy to support overall business success.

Altimeter’s Social Business Strategy Suite is designed as a complete process or it can be implemented through a menu-driven approach to meet your specific needs.

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“The difference between your company being active in social media and becoming a social business can feel like the gap between going for a morning jog and racing in the Olympics. Charlene and Brian are not just coaches, but experts, in navigating and structuring your organization to leverage social to reach real business goals.”

Danna Vetter, VP, Consumer Strategies, ARAMAR

“Social business is anything but easy. It requires a vision, strategy, governance, people, processes, tools, technologies and more. Aside from all of these components, it requires true leadership and the ability to rethink your company and how it is positioned to succeed in today’s world. Charlene and Brian have the definitive resource to help create a success roadmap.”

Scott Monty, Head of Social Media for Ford Motor Company

“Business has gone social. There is no other way to say it. Information is organized in new ways and there will many turns in the road. The good news is that smart people like Charlene and Brian and are going to write blue prints like this that make this revolution more accessible.”

Andy Markowitz, Director, Global Digital Strategy, GE


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