I’ve taught more than 300 professionals social business through hands-on workshops, and happy to announce new workshops from Altimeter focused on Content Marketing and Social Business Analytics.

Having been both a change agent in organizations and now an advisor for those facing change, I know how important skill development is to thrive in times of disruption. Our ability to succeed is not based on our own skills alone, but perhaps most important, through the knowledge of key stakeholders that make things happen at your company. How do you convince those with the purse strings to invest in something new, like social business, if they don’t understand it? Trust goes a long way, but so does education.

That’s why Altimeter, a Prophet Company, has invested in workshops. As we advise clients, we see first-hand the importance of skill building for organizations among key stakeholders and leaders. As a research and advisory firm, Altimeter is armed with both quantitative research and qualitative experience from our client engagements to know what skills are important and how to communicate them. There are those that learn by doing, and those by reading or listening. Our approach covers both. You’ll apply learning right away in the class, using your own business objectives and challenges.

What students like most about our Academy Strategist sessions is that they leave with something tangible! Social Business Pros that bring a key stakeholder or leader, often leave with a co-created social business plan. Our classes are not just lecture, they are participatory. You’ll learn not just from our instructors, but from peers in the room– many who face the same daily challenges you do. What’s exciting about Academy is watching learning happen from every direction: from the instructor at the front the of room to the sharing across the room with your colleagues and peers.

It’s so great to see students help each other succeed–and make new lasting connections to continue professional growth. Our social business strategist workshop is being offered again, as well as new social business analytics and content marketing workshops. Send your social business pros, but also bring leaders and managers that you support, or that need to learn more. It will be a great experience for you both.

  • Social Strategists Workshop. The goal is to align all social strategists on a common approach to create and execute a social strategy. These are professionals who already know a great deal about social media, but need to align on how the organization uses social to achieve business goals. We suggest bringing a business leader your support, who wants to learn more. You have the opportunity to co-create the start of a social business roadmap.
  • Social Business Analytics Workshop. Designed for social strategists, marketers, and others whose roles require them to interpret and report on social data and social media metrics. The workshop is led by Susan Etlinger, industry analyst and author of several influential research reports on social media measurement and strategy.
  • Content Marketing Workshop. Content Marketing workshops are offered for Marketing & Communications professionals. The workshop is led by Altimeter Analyst Rebecca Lieb, who has published three reports on content marketing “Content: The New Marketing Equation”; “The Converged Media Imperative: How Brands Must Combine Paid, Owned, and Earned Media”; and “Organizing for Content”, as well as the book, Content Marketing. Rebecca has taught in the postgraduate digital media program at New York University. The workshop is hands-on, and students leave with an understanding of how an integrated Content Marketing approach can meet business objectives.

Customer Testimonials

“Altimeter Academy was an eye opening experience for me and helped me become really strategic in how I approach social and community at Yammer. Starting with defining a vision, to creating tangible, actionable strategies to support the vision — the workshop was just what I needed to take my game to the next level. The format of a small, hands-on work group, facilitated by world-class thought leaders was an experience of a lifetime. I came to work the next day and told my boss that this was the best professional experience I’d had to date.”

Maria Ogneva, Head of Community at Yammer, Inc.

“The course was not just revealing but also extremely useful and practical, particularly with regards to the generation of a holistic, convergent and coherent social media strategy. We are a social media agency operating in Peru designing social media strategies for big and medium companies of different industries and Altimeter´s social media framework is exactly what we were looking for in this course. We are currently adapting the framework to the needs of our customers.”

Pablo Bermudez, Hashtag

“The Altimeter Social Business Strategy Workshop was a very engaging and structured exercise in an introspection of your company’s gaps and opportunities and enabled us to convert ideas into concrete action. You begin with your company context, do an initial self-assessment exercise in rating yourself as a social business, and then analyze and carefully document the social business objectives in the context of your company’s Vision and Mission statements and then you come up with concrete initiatives to plan, resource, and implement. The approach of looking at Idea cards, voting on the best ideas and prioritizing those ideas for implementation is very effective and refreshing. The workshop was a right-paced and truly engaged everyone in a Strategic dialogue. This workshop is a must for any Executive trying to define a Vision and a 2-Year Roadmap for his/her company’s Social Business Strategy.

Madhukar Govindaraju, SVP Engineering & Technology at Spigit, Inc


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