Over the past several months our offices across the globe have participated in a wide range of community service projects as part of our P4NP (Prophet for Non-Profit) program.  From gardening to painting schools and homes, to working with children in need, we focused on getting away from our desks and giving back to our local communities.

We donated over 550 hours, had a lot of fun and we learned a few things too!


A fresh coat of paint can brighten up any space. Our Atlanta office worked with Community Bucket and House Proud to paint the home of Miss Alice, a low-income senior living in downtown Atlanta. Armed with bright pink and green paint, we tackled her kitchen and bedroom and patched up a few holes too.


The team in Berlin partnered with Gute Tat (“good cause”) to spend a day gardening, weeding, building, and painting an inner city kindergarten with helpful students.  They planted a vegetable garden and seventy decorative flowering plants, painted two children’s cloakrooms and a wooden garden shed, mounted six cubbyhole shelves with twenty coat hooks, moved eight locker units, cleared 350 square feet of weeds, and had a blast working together.


Kids have more energy and creativity than we do!  In July, our Chicago office volunteered at Skinner Park Day Camp on the city’s west side, played dodge ball and “two truths and a lie” with 120 children and talked about education and what they want to be when they grow upall on a 105-degree hot summer day.


We teamed up to paint Grange First School in Harrow (northwest London) with Kids Company, a nonprofit that provides practical, emotional, and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children. Our team facilitated an art workshop with the kids, helping them express themselves creatively and communicate their feelings by drawing on pop-out cards. Other Propheteers refreshed the paint in the school’s canteen, changing it from a dull-and-dirty yellow to a shining bright yellow, as well as enlivening the clowns in the schoolyard.

New York

Prophet’s New York office volunteered with City Harvest and spent several days distributing free fresh produce to the city’s hungry in Washington Heights. The team divided into several stations to interact with community residents and handed out cucumbers, onions, potatoes, and carrots. Our group left in high spirits!


Our Richmond team worked with the company bioRide to help with their “warehouse classroom” project. bioRide, a local taxi service that fuels its vehicles with biodiesel, converts their warehouse into a business classroom throughout the year to help students develop life skills. Through the project, at-risk students create and run their own businesses and develop skills that will help them find jobs, build confidence and work in teams. Propheteers visited the students on three occasions to inspire their thinking around developing businesses that were unique, differentiated and innovative. They discussed key topics in brand, leadership and creativity inspiring each discussion with an engaging exercise. According to Jeff Anderson, co-founder of bioRide, the students were extremely excited about the involvement of Prophet and “would have never had the opportunity for such a cool experience.”

San Francisco

We should all eat more fruits and veggies. Our San Francisco office spent a meaningful and fun afternoon working on the 4-acre Alemany Farm, a volunteer-run urban farm and community garden that supports the neighboring Alemany Public Housing Development with a hands-on environmental education program and tons of fresh produce every year. They harvested garlic, weeded vegetable beds, made compost piles, and planted beans, took a tour of the farm, and even got to walk away with some fresh lettuce, kale, onions, beets, and spinach!


Prophet’s Zurich office joined forces with Sozialwerk Sieber to open a bazaar of donated clothes for low prices. Armed with their yellow phosphorescent vests and Swiss army knives, the team opened many boxes of clothing and presented them on tables and coat stands. After a fulfilling day of sorting clothes and interacting with customers, they relaxed together with some beer and real Zurich sunlight.

There is so much good going on in all of our local communities, from San Francisco community gardens to food rescue services in New York City, to wonderful programming for children across Europe. We’ve been running our P4NP program for over five years now and are thrilled to continue partnering with such impactful organizations.