It’s been said, “build it and they will come…” But, nope, not anymore. It’s a crowded, crazy market out there and no matter how fabulous your product or service, there’s bound to be someone else delivering something pretty close. The solution? Take your product or service and brand it! Though the idea has been around in management circles since the late 1980s, brand equity has never been more important than it is now. In Brand Leadership, David Aaker and Erich Joachimsthaler set out to guide managers to the next level of the brand revolution.

Building and managing brands, though obviously vital and necessary steps in the process, do not make up the whole picture of the successful development of a brand. What is needed is strategic brand leadership. Implementing this kind of leadership, Aaker and Joachimsthaler insist, requires a radical shift in an organization’s culture, its structure, and its systems.

An exploration of strategic brand leadership uses hundreds of studies of leading firms, including General Electric, to show the strategic potential of brand management in a world-based economy.

“Brand Leadership: The Next Level of the Brand Revolution” is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever books are sold.


  • What this shift is all about
  • The important components of brand leadership
  • Defining and elaborating a brand identity
  • Designing the brand’s architecture to achieve clarity, synergy and leverage
  • Building a brand beyond the obvious route of advertising by incorporating such aspects as sponsorship and the role of the Internet
  • Organizing the entire company around global brand leadership as opposed to merely the creation of a global brand


“Brand Leadership provides invaluable advice for anyone looking to focus and direct that effort toward a profitable and lasting result.” –S. Ketchum

About the Author

David Aaker, is the author of over one hundred articles and 18 books on marketing, business strategy and branding that have sold over one million copies. A recognized authority on branding, he has developed concepts and methods on brand building that are used by organizations around the world.

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