Last month, we held our 3rd biennial “Prophet Gives Back” auction, where people donate goods and services for an important cause. This year, we decided to support Last Mile Health, an organization dedicated to training front-line healthcare workers in the most remote, hard to reach areas of Liberia. This is an amazing organization that we previously worked with to develop a new brand identity and positioning, and we wanted to continue to support them in their fight against Ebola.

Our firm-wide auction is a great way for us to collectively give back in a meaningful way, and it’s also a really powerful culture builder. Through the auction we were able to experience many of our corporate values including “Many voices, one team” and “Fearlessly Human, Unexpectedly Irreverent.” The diversity of goods and services donated ranged from the traditional vacation home rentals, house parties and cases of wine, to the unexpectedly irreverent donated services like  the opportunity to “Peg a Partner” square in the face with a dodge ball or get “Puns on Demand” delivered by e-mail. It was also a great way to learn more about our fellow colleagues who shared their unique skills and services like custom art, home-baked goods and curated playlists. Once the online auction opened for bidding, the excitement and buzz built. In between conference calls and client meetings everyone was abuzz — bidding up items, making comments about items and having lots of fun – many voices and one team working together for an important goal.

By the time the auction closed we had raised over $25,000, far exceeding our goal of $16,000 that was needed to train, equip, and provide protective equipment for the Konobo district in Liberia.  The money raised will cover the expansion of the LMH Ebola preparedness training for 90 community health workers in southeastern Liberia and will also provide them with the personal protective equipment needed to safely see patients and deliver care. This blog post from NPR about Lorenzo Dorr, who works with Last Mile Health, highlights the struggles they are facing. As Dr. Raj Panjabi, physician and co-founder of Last Mile Health says, the legacy of Ebola can be a thriving community health system for a country devastated by war (51 doctors were left after the war to care for over 4 million people).

We are proud to continue supporting this worthy cause. If you are interested in supporting Last Mile Health in the quest to stop Ebola, please donate here.