3 visual identities.
3 campaigns.
2 brand positioning frameworks.
2 marketing plans.
1 customer journey.

Prophet’s London office recently launched a new kind of Prophet-for-Non-Profit event: “Prophet In a Day.” Conceived in a London office-wide planning/co-creation session last year, the idea finally came to fruition and ended in huge success!


The Prophet London team was joined by representatives from five local charities:

  • Café Art – supporting homeless artists by placing their art in cafes around London, and creating a yearly calendar of London photos taken by people affected by homelessness
  • Difficult Conversations – providing training to health professionals around end-of-life conversations and sensitivity to improve the experience for the dying
  • Orchid – raising awareness and educating on male cancers
  • Ukraine Charity – UK fundraising for Ukraine causes, particular focus on supporting children in need
  • Working Chance – helping female ex-offenders find employment in a range of large UK companies


The event took over our London office for the day from end-to-end, with small groups ideating and strategizing in nearly every open space.


We held a day of rapid ideation and concepting, working in small groups dedicated to each organization. The aim was to solve a specific marketing challenge defined ahead of time in conjunction with each group.

Each team consisted of around eight Propheteers, and we made sure to have a range of functional capabilities and specialties in each group. We kicked off the day bright and early to tackle the problem at hand and come up with a plan to present by the evening. Our emcee extraordinaire David Gunn welcomed us at 9am sharp, and at 6:30pm we reconvened for drinks, pizza and sharing. The work included marketing plans, roadmaps, positioning frameworks, campaign concepts and design assets to take away.


The response from Propheteers and our non-profit clients alike was overwhelmingly positive, and though we were all pretty beat by the end of the day, the feeling that we had affected real change and made a difference was echoed again and again.

The heartfelt thanks from the charity reps was touching. Tears welled up around the room when Halyna Tatara (Ukraine Charity) briefly spoke to convey her appreciation – that the level of professional help we offered was something her small team could never have had access to otherwise, and that the resulting effect will undoubtedly reach all the way to the Ukrainian children the organization seeks to care for.

The day was inspiring above and beyond what we could have expected, and the extra hours put in to make it happen were without a doubt worthwhile. Prophet teams have already been asked to present our work to board members, and one day later we have received a slew of touching thank-you emails (and Christmas party invites!) as evidence of the usefulness and meaning of what we accomplished yesterday.

Now, we will debrief and regroup around how to improve on this day and expand it to our other geographies!