Industries and categories across the board have upgraded the customer experience, and it’s time for healthcare to catch up. 

Healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and insurance companies can and should meet the needs of their patients by drawing inspiration from some of the most innovative companies in the world, both in and outside of the healthcare industry. Over the last few weeks we posted a series of articles centered around 7 trends: Convenience, Customization, Ease, Connectivity, Empathy, Motivation and Empowerment.

These articles culminated in a webinar where we placed a spotlight on several brands that understand the deeper needs and pain points of their consumers – beyond the functional and physical – and are resonating with their consumers in powerful ways as a result.

Read the eBook or flip through the presentation slides to learn more about innovating the patient experience, and please reach out to Paul Schrimpf, co-leader of Prophet’s Healthcare vertical to discuss this subject more.

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