At Prophet, every month we host a “Grow Together” session where everyone gets together in their local office to connect, share, and learn from one another so that we can grow better, together and create a stronger Prophet community. This past month, before our summer interns headed out, we had one of our most popular sessions of the year where the tables are turned and the interns present and “share cool sh*t!” The interns explored everything from innovations around how we engage with the world (AR, VR, gesture control technology), to how digital technology can improve our lives and the customer experience, to just random sh*t that inspired us. The following are the top 5 ideas from our nine offices across the globe:

1. WeChat & the rise of Digital in China:

Our Hong Kong office discussed how WeChat with its 550 million active users is unstoppable and is driving the design and use of other apps. It has moved far beyond messaging and is making deep connections into consumers lives. Big international brands are using WeChat to connect with their customers in China.

2. Technology-driven self-improvement:

Several of our offices focused on highlighting new apps that can help better ourselves.  With technology it’s now easier than ever to be the best you can be!  Some examples include Writefull: Is a web application that provides feedback on your writing by checking text against databases of correct language, Lumo which aims to help you fix your posture, and SmartMat designed to help you improve your yoga postures, or Spritz which is “reading reimagined” – a new way to read faster.

3. AR & VR:

AR (Augmented Reality) is the blending of virtual reality and real life, where digital images are overlaid on to real world environments.  VR (Virtual Reality) is all about creating a virtual world that users can interact with.  Several examples highlighted included Microsoft Hololens is a headset that enables high-definition holograms to come to life in your world, integrating with physical places, spaces, and things, Google Cardboard– a virtual reality headset made of (you guessed it) – cardboard, and Blippar, a smartphone app that you can use to view sponsored augmented reality content, such as virtual football players on Pepsi cans, or virtual nail polish shades from Maybelline.

4. Big Data and Machine Learning:

Whether it’s wanting to know up-to-the-minute weather with Dark Sky, what’s in the products your consume with info, or improving your writing by checking text against databases of correct language with Writefull, there are so many tools, apps, and services that are leveraging the vast amounts of data and knowledge that we now have access to, to improve our lives.

5. Redefining Local

A couple of our offices explored apps and experiences that are re-defining local. When we usually think of technology, we imagine how they grow our world – giving us instant access to more information, people, opportunities, and experiences in further and further corners of the globe. However, we shared cool apps that are doing the opposite: using technology to bring us closer to our local worlds.  They focused on how digital technology is helping to redefine local across six main categories: food, travel, photography, broadcast, social, and entertainment, with apps like: piximity, cluster, and fradio.  Even big brands like Whole Foods are getting in on the local movement with their My Street Grocery








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