This month all nine of our offices around the globe gathered to help 32 non-profits “Grow Better” as part of our Prophet for non-profit (P4NP) “Prophet-in-a-Day” program.

Each office selected several local non-profits to work with that covered a range of causes from the arts to AIDS support, and reading to rare diseases. Our goal was to help these organizations address a wide variety of brand and growth challenges from needing a new brand positioning, visual identity, and constituent experience, to creating a new donor strategy and social media strategy. We provided the “Prophet experience” in one day by sharing our capabilities in strategy, design and digital expertise. The event created a lot of energy, buzz and a sense of community in each of our offices, and it was a great opportunity for us to live our mission to build brands, transform businesses and move society. [pullquote]Prophet-in-a-Day was a great opportunity for us to live our mission to build brands, transform businesses and move society.[/pullquote] At the end of the day, it was amazing to see what we can accomplish in one day, when we come together in our communities and as a company.

A few examples of the challenges we helped local non-profits tackle during “Prophet-in-a-Day” are:

In New York, one of the organizations we worked with was the Resilience Advocacy Project (RAP), a youth leadership organization that empowers young people to be change-makers in their communities to fight poverty. Through an in-class curriculum focused on legal rights, civic engagement, community mapping, and leadership development, these young leaders design and launch a social justice project aimed at solving a real-world problem in their communities. However, RAP needed help communicating their core message to their key audiences – the students they recruit, schools & community organizations they partner with, and donors that support their work. A Prophet team worked with RAP to identify a clear brand essence for RAP, and define how they can modulate their message for their three stakeholder groups.

In Chicago, we worked with Apna Ghar (meaning ‘Our Home’), a local Chicago organization that provides holistic services and conducts advocacy across immigrant communities to end gender violence. Together we uncovered an opportunity for Apna Ghar to grow their base of high-net-worth donors (members giving more than $10K+). Today, Apna Ghar only has a handful of donors giving at this level and many of them are moving into the retirement phase of life and may not be able to continue giving at this level. Additionally, there’s an opportunity for Apna Ghar to solicit donors from outside the South Asian community to better align with the participants enrolled in their programs. Throughout the day, the team went through a number of exercises to help achieve this goal, and ultimately completed three motivation profiles, a list of target “hunting grounds” to explore, and specific ideas for connecting with Apna Ghar’s target audience and creating a memorable experience for them.

In London, we collaborated with Enabling Enterprise, an initiative that provides schoolchildren, ages 4-18, with enterprise skills and experiences to complement their academics and ensure they leave school well-equipped for the next stage in their lives. Enabling Enterprise was looking to Prophet to help them clarify their brand positioning including their vision and mission statements, tone of voice guidelines and visual identity. Together the team crafted guidelines and messaging that reflected Enterprise’s confident, conversational and positive tone, and transformed their visual representations with clean and minimalist designs, even making changes to their website and creating an entire design template the organization.


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