Driving Superior Returns on Marketing Investments


Today’s thorny marketing environment is characterized by media choice proliferation, audience fragmentation, marketing stagflation and a daunting measurability divide. All of which has only exacerbated the age-old question: which, if any, of our marketing investments are contributing to long-term profitable growth?

“The Marketing Accountability Imperative” offers a hands-on guide for CEOs, CFOs and marketing executives who must grapple with these complexities. Written by Michael Dunn and Chris Halsall, this groundbreaking book establishes the imperative for effective stewardship of marketing spending and the significant prize that awaits marketers and firms who pursue greater accountability.

The book identifies critical factors that define a program of effective marketing accountability and shows how to sort through the clutter of metrics, measurement, and analytic options. As the authors explain, recent technology and analytic advances have made it more practical to use a combination of historical modeling and go-forward experimentation to build an effective set of measurements that capture both the short-term sales response and the medium-term brand equity impact of any given investment.

But whereas most discussions have stopped at the issue of measurement, the authors push on to focus on the ultimate prize—how to apply the insights from more holistic measurement systems to drive better continuous decision making and improved in-market performance across the marketing value chain. They highlight how decisions made at each critical value lever—from strategy and content to marketing vehicles and investment levels—either enable or impede efficient and effective marketing deployment. They describe the virtuous cycle that results from the situation where insightful analytics drives great strategy that informs inspired creative development and efficient in-market execution.

Step-by-step, the authors offer practical guidance on how to move your organization through the three horizons of marketing accountability improvement. In addition, the book includes a wealth of charts, frameworks and data that will help you diagnose and plan a long-term marketing accountability program.

Written for marketers and non-marketers alike, “The Marketing Accountability Imperative” is filled with the tools needed to build a sustainable marketing accountability program—right now!

“The Marketing Accountability Imperative: Driving Superior Return on Marketing Investments” is available at AmazonBarnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, or wherever books are sold.


“In The Marketing Accountability Imperative…consultants Michael Dunn and Chris Halsall explains how to gain better returns on your marketing expenditures.” —Globe and Mail

About the Author

Michael Dunn is chairman and CEO of Prophet and has helped orchestrate the firm’s tremendous growth over the past decade. This includes expanding the firm’s global presence and enhancing Prophet’s position as the premier brand and marketing consultancy committed to helping clients grow better.


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