Prophet has just been named one of Forbes’ Best Management Consulting Firms 2016. All of us Propheteers are excited about the honor, and I’m hoping all this press means at least one thing for my career – that I’ll no longer have to spell out Prophet every time I introduce myself and tell people where I work! “That’s Prophet with a ‘P-H’.”

As I approach my one-year anniversary as an Associate at Prophet, I can confirm that Forbes got it right – Prophet is one of the best consulting firms. While I’m excited for the recognition of our work, I don’t want to lose sight of some of the other reasons Prophet is one of the top consultancies out there. (Spoiler alert: this is mostly about the fun we have as a team.)

  1. We are “just corporate enough”. That’s not just a catchy headline – it’s actually written into our value statement. We work on heavy-hitting client work, but we do it in an open concept spaces, where the executives sit at work stations right next to junior employees, and while sporting jeans and flip flops. Good riddance pencil skirts!
  2. Even our jargon is fun! We’re consultants, so we lean toward jargon like “down arrow”, “operationalize” and “boil the ocean,” but our buzzwords also include phrases like “taking a spa flight” (aka a flight that leaves at a comfortable mid-morning or early afternoon time, instead of the dawn or late night option).
  3. Hierarchy, Schmierarchy. We don’t believe in hierarchies. We’re a diverse team of consultants, innovation experts, and talented designers – but we’re also nutritionists, history buffs, animal rescuers, book-binders and karaoke stars. Personally, I realized how true our no hierarchy system was when I found myself emailing Michael Dunn, Prophet’s CEO, during my first month on the job. #PleaseNoTypos
  4. We foster the warm fuzzy feelings. Our Prophet for Non-Profit (P4NP) work can give you a “case of the feels,” especially the Prophet in a Day. On this day, our offices across the globe work with several local non-profits to help them solve their biggest challenges. 
  5. Our team building activities have never once involved a “trust fall.” We believe in cultivating strong teams (teamwork makes the dream work) and rewarding ourselves for hard work. So forget the average stuffy dinner, our team events frequently involve kayaks, wine tasting, Bruce Springsteen, or the occasional karaoke session. My favorite was a woodworking class where we built mirrors using reclaimed wood.

It’s great to see that when Forbes tallied all the numbers, they concluded that Prophet is a top management consultancy. Although it’s difficult to measure all the qualitative data, Prophet knows that what makes us the best marketing consultancy isn’t just the work, but the team that creates it, too.