How the Global Branding Consultancy Helps Nonprofits Worldwide Accomplish Their Missions

With just three weeks under my belt as a summer intern, I’ve already binged on plenty of marketing communications and consulting world acumen. While my projects, meetings and interactions have taught me to embrace Prophet’s grow better mission, I’ve surprisingly found the most personal growth after I close my laptop each day.

Prophet is a company whose commitment to giving back shines through their community outreach initiatives. In my time here, it’s been clear that social responsibility is a core component of the company’s culture and an attribute they look for in the employees they hire. From employees’ personal causes to those impacting the local community, Prophet comes together to provide support.

For example, Prophet’s Chicago office is dedicated to helping the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) achieve their mission to end hunger in the local community. Nearly 800,000 individuals, often children, are food insecure in Cook County. The GCFD is a nonprofit food distribution and training center that makes a daily impact across Cook County, helping thousands find their next meal. In fact, last year Food Depository distributed the equivalent of 155,000 meals every day in 2015!

To support this cause, I’ve already helped sort potatoes for distribution to pantries around the city, participated in an auction which raised over $8,700 for GFCD, helped the nonprofit develop a branding and donor outreach strategy and celebrated our efforts with the local community at the 31st annual Hunger Walk.

My lessons learned at Prophet expand far deeper than just brand strategy:

Potatoes don’t sort themselves

A group of us went to the food depository to unbag, sort, and repackage produce to be distributed directly to food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and direct food depository programs. Our group repacked 8,700 pounds of potatoes that resulted in over 7,200 meals for those in need. Let’s just say we were far from couch potatoes that day…

Play up your strengths

While it’s great to volunteer hands-on in the depository, Prophet also knows how to leverage the firm’s expertise in brand strategy. For those who don’t know, Prophet helped the GCFD define their brand strategy and refresh the logo in 2012.

And our work with the GCFD didn’t end there. A couple weeks ago, the nonprofit’s CMO Joan Chow visited the office to discuss how to further leverage the brand in the local community. It was incredible to see thought leaders discuss innovative ways to garner financial support and social awareness for the nonprofit.

It helps to get creative with fundraising

To raise over $8,700, the Chicago office combined the strengths of our friends, family, social networks and bidding “paddles.” The office continued its tradition of fundraising with its “Bid on Bite,” where employees offer up top-notch food related items in a week-long online auction. We raised over $750 in donations from Chicago staff who couldn’t resist the delicious array of food. We’re still raising money – you can donate to support the Greater Chicago Food Depository, too!

Prophet can handle the heat

Even in scorching temperatures and the beating summer sun, a huge team came out for the 31st Annual Hunger walk last Saturday. Over 11,000 people walked through Jackson Park celebrating the community’s efforts to end hunger. Here’s me and some of the other Chicago interns representing Prophet:

Prophet doesn’t do things “half way”

Finally, I’ve learned when Prophet wants to help, we commit to a cause. Whether it’s volunteering after work to sort food at the local depository, brainstorming with the GCFD CMO Joan Chow, or fundraising over $8,700 for the Hunger Walk, Prophet is dedicated to making sure no one goes hungry in Cook County. It’s inspiring to see the level of dedication and excitement towards serving such an influential nonprofit. Our work with GCFD is not an accident— whether it’s a consulting engagement, service project, or fundraising event, Prophet is fully committed to its #P4NP initiative.


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