Consistent Customer Experience and Innovation Drives Brand Loyalty

When someone says “I don’t know how you manage it–a full time job and raising three kids,” I give a smile and take some deep breaths as I feel like I’m barely keeping it together (!), but I do have help from Amazon. So it didn’t surprise me that the brand landed at No. 2 in the Prophet Brand Relevance Index™; or that Amazon Prime, its $99 membership service, is such a fierce favorite among consumers. It isn’t just relevant, it’s indispensable and I can’t imagine my work and home life without it.

Let’s say my son needs red construction paper for a project due in two days, when I don’t have either the time or the energy to run to the store. Click. It’s here the next day. Or I need to do a load of laundry while getting dinner on the table. A few more clicks and Amazon distracts the kids with books, videos and music. When it’s late and I need to escape from to-do lists, I retreat into shows like Mozart in the Jungle along with Catastrophe (and have even been known to shop while watching).

Amazon is ‘Ruthlessly Pragmatic’

Our Index ranks Amazon higher than any other brand on a dimension we call “Ruthlessly Pragmatic.” These are the practical attributes that make sure products are available where and when customers need them, while delivering a consistent customer experience. Most of all, these brands are those that simply make life easier, even if people can’t quite articulate how. Amazon comes through on each of those promises for me.

Superior Customer Service and Availability

Whether through its website, an app on my phone or the innovative Echo, Amazon is available when and where I need it. I often take care of personal errands when I’m commuting to work on the train or waiting in the car for a soccer pick-up. The app makes it ultra-easy to order things I need to keep our household moving.

Consistent and Reliable Performance

Its consistency and reliability are remarkable. Of the hundreds of products I’ve ordered from Amazon since 2002 (the year I made my first purchase), I’ve only had a couple of delivery mishaps. Amazon always fixed the problem. On those few occasions, I’ve even been able to talk to a real person. And Prime, which is essentially a loyalty program, continues to add services that keep me hooked, from ad-free music streaming to free books, magazines and even the Washington Post.

Bold Innovations Drive Brand Loyalty

And while Amazon scored highly across all pillars of relevance, it also ranks highly in one we call “Pervasively Innovative.” It’s pioneered many features and categories that have reshaped e-commerce and media consumption, all the way back to one-click ordering and AI-driven product recommendations. And some believe Echo, with the helpful virtual assistant Alexa, is poised to become its third billion-dollar business. It’s also leading the way in online grocery shopping, including a test of a service that might be this working mom’s dream come true: a drive-through grocery store that delivers groceries to cars using license-plate-reading technology to speed up service.

Amazon Delivers Customer-Centric Solutions

Amazon doesn’t rest on its laurels and continues to find new ways to address my needs and deliver more value. The hallmark of a relentlessly relevant brand is one that you can’t imagine living without, and Amazon fits the bill. I interact with Amazon on a daily basis and it consistently delivers on its promise of being one of the most customer-centric companies in the world.

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