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  • Marketing Healthy Food: New Strategies For Discovery

    Digital Transformation, Marketing & Sales,

 As demand for healthy food grows, healthy food content grows with it. Views of food-related videos are above 23 billion. Food diets like gluten-free and veganism are seeing 100%+ record growth in search.

With a long list of food allergies and conditions, I’m personally invested in this topic. From apples and nuts to dairy and gluten, every day I must avoid an alphabet of ingredients, and like millions out there, am constantly on the hunt for new, tastier, healthier foods to eat. It’s harder than it should be.

Most healthy food brands are small to medium-size players, so content for them becomes a transformative lever — helping them be found, chosen, used, repurchased and of course shared. Content marketing can replace traditional advertising, expensive sales promotion and sophisticated corporate communications. Content can help brands I desperately want to find be found by people like me.

Read the full article by Mat Zucker in Forbes.

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