HR can be a key enabler of digital transformation  because people, rather than technology, drive change. However, do HR and business leaders know how best to leverage the HR department for this purpose? Our latest report ‘HR as a Force for Digital Change’ explores this, and sets out steps that could be taken to accelerate this movement.

People Enable Digital Transformation

Organisations are grappling with ‘Digital Darwinism’, where technology is evolving faster than the capacity to learn and adapt. Multiple innovations are disrupting the way we do business and the way we work; from automation and AI, to mobile apps and social media – the impact on business, and the way we work, is both exciting and poses new challenges.

Employees are adapting and learning faster in their personal lives than they are at work, and increasingly, professionals expect their employee experience  to match their customer experience. To survive and thrive, organisations acknowledge that an internal culture which engenders innovation and adaptability is no longer a want, but a necessity.

Our report was launched at the UK HR Grapevine conference on March 16th 2017 by Helen Rosethorn, Partner and lead of the Culture, Capability and Engagement specialism at Prophet. She was joined on stage by Chan Suh, Prophet’s Chief Digital Officer and Lars Hygrell, SVP of Marketing EMEA at Electrolux. During their keynote, Propheteers emphasized that leaders and employees have played a key role in digital transformation and change at Electrolux.

Helen’s closing remarks summarized this key point succinctly, “Although technology would seem to be the lead player, it is ultimately people who determine the success of the business, and this is why HR continues to play a critical role.”

HR’s Role in Digital Transformation

Our research identifies six archetypes that describe how HR functions increasingly play a role in organisational change. This includes:

  • The conventionalist
  • The Experimenter
  • The Tactical Supporter
  • The Culture Shaper
  • The Strategic Partner
  • The Provocateur

To learn more about each archetype and HR’s role in digital transformation, download our report.

Final Thoughts

HR gets to play a unique role in digital transformation. Although multiple departments in organizations are important to the success of a transformation, ultimately HR implements policies and adopts technologies that drive that critical change.

Learn more about executing successful digital transformation by leveraging your people to the fullest.