Great leaders lead by example. Michael Dunn, Prophet’s Chairman and CEO, does this every day through his personal and professional commitment to LGBTQ civil rights, childhood literacy, AIDS relief, environmental conservation and the arts. His support of organizations that fight for these, and other important causes, was recently recognized by Equality California, the nation’s largest statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization dedicated to creating a fair and just society.

Michael was honored with a SF Equality Humanitarian Award for his role in building Prophet for Non-Profit (P4NP), a robust program that has contributed millions of dollars in free services to organizations such as Seeds of Peace, Room to Read, StartupAID, Reading in Motion, Outward Bound, First Things First, City Surf, and the Water Trust. As part of the program, Prophet worked on a year-long strategic review of Equality California’s mission and brand identity, and recently unveiled an update to the organization’s mission statement and visual identity.

What Is P4NP?

Through our P4NP initiative, Prophet gives back to the community by offering pro-bono consulting services, volunteering in local community service projects, and raising funds to support programs and initiatives. The program is a great way for all employees to live our mission to build brands, transform businesses, and move society. It consists of several components:

  • P4NP Day: Every year, Prophet dedicates one full day to help non-profits across the globe with various brand, marketing and growth challenges. Prophet employees nominate organizations that they are personally connected with, and within one working day, tackle challenges such as clarifying the organization’s mission, developing a donor strategy or optimizing a content strategy.
  • P4NP Auction: Every other year, Prophet employees host an internal auction to raise funds for a specific cause. Employees donate goods, services, and experiences ranging from fresh baked cookies, to guitar lessons, to vacation homes. It is a fun way to learn about our colleagues while helping a worthy cause. Over the years with the auction funds we have built a kindergarten in Vietnam, financed sanitation facilities in Uganda, helped to fight the Ebola epidemic and, most recently, helped girls in rural Africa go to school through the power of bicycles.
  • P4NP Consulting: Throughout the year, Prophet also does a variety of pro-bono and low-bono consulting engagements that support organizations recommended by employees. It is a great way for Prophet to apply what we do for businesses to nonprofits around the world.
  • P4NP Community Service: Our employees also support local non-profits by participating in community activities like food and clothing drives, park clean ups, fundraising races and more.

Michael is Prophet’s leader, advocate, and active participant in all these facets of the P4NP program. He leads by example, showing us all how we can support our personal passions, give back to our local communities and truly live our mission and values.