Did you know that 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the bicycle? And there seems no time more fitting to celebrate the difference we made by raising money for World Bicycle Relief through our Prophet for Nonprofit auction, an annual internal event where we post biddable items on our Intranet, ranging from baked goods, to holidays, to offers to create powerpoint decks for a week.

With the $30,000 we raised, World Bicycle Relief  donated over 200 bicycles and reached a milestone of 350,000 bikes distributed since its inception in 2005. 70 of our donated bicycles have recently been distributed at Orando Secondary School in Kisumu, Kenya.

This is the 3rd time they’ve distributed bicycles at Orando Secondary School. The community celebrated with prayers of thanks, performances and a speech by the school’s deputy principal, Vivianne Ochieng.

“The bicycles are supposed to give the students, especially the girls, a sense of ownership,” Ms. Ochieng says. “This is supposed to boost (the girls’) esteem to know that they can also own property, take care of property and manage them. Let us celebrate and appreciate.”

The bicycles were given to girls like Lilian who is in 9th grade, an orphan who lives with her grandmother and brother. Lilian used to have to wake up as early as 4:00 am to do her chores and travel 4.5km to get to school.  Now, with her bicycle, Lilian can cover that distance in a fraction of that time and therefore focus on her education.

We were also lucky enough to see a video of the bicycles being distributed, and hear them speak of the importance that these girls feel a sense of ownership, since historically in their society, most privileges like owning land or inheritances go to boys, not girls.

As we head toward our next Prophet for Nonprofit day this Friday, June 23, we’re reminded of the importance of doing all we can to support nonprofit organisations across the globe. Prophet staff have come together in an inspirational way, organising a variety of activities to support 32 organisations this year.

This is my first year with the company and therefore my first year being involved with Prophet for Nonprofit Day, and it’s incredible to see the enthusiasm that every single person has for this event.

From designing a digital strategy to helping to refurbish a storm-damaged farm, every member of our team across the globe will be doing their bit to give back this Friday. Whether we’re offering consulting work or community support, our aim is to help these organisations grow better, so they too can make a difference, like we’ve seen with World Bicycle Relief.


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