Prophet was recently named Brand Consultancy of the Year and Design Agency of the Year by Marketing magazine in Hong Kong. We are honored to receive these awards, but we don’t measure success by industry accolades. We measure it by our ability to create work that helps our clients win in the marketplace.

We’ve found that brands that stay relentlessly relevant to consumers are the ones that win. But to stay relevant, brands need to continuously find new ways to engage and delight their customers. This means not only coming up with breakthrough ideas and strategies, but also ensuring that they are brought to life masterfully. Here are seven tips that help us deliver work that is fresh, imaginative, and powerful:

1. Carry a notebook

You never know when inspiration will hit. It usually happens when you’re not forcing it. I have usually my best thoughts when I’m in transit from one place to another, right before sleep or right after I wake up. Having a place to scribble down your thoughts as soon as you have them is important so they don’t slip away.

2. Experiment

In the beginning, it’s important not to be wed to a specific idea or default to what you’ve done before. Use the beginning of a project to think broadly and experimentally about how you could approach a solution. It is helpful to seek out new ideas and perspectives to shake things up. At Prophet, we use many different tools and exercises to bring in new thinking from different and unexpected places.

3. Take risks

Try a crazy idea. Don’t dismiss something because it seems unusual or untested. Those are usually the most innovative ideas. At Prophet, we sometimes try to come up with our “worst idea” and then spin it around to create a new way to solve the problem.

4. Be single-minded

The best creative ideas are the easiest to remember and can be articulated in a simple sentence. Do one thing well; don’t make the idea do everything at once. Great ideas can be diluted with too many messages.

5. Stay committed

It’s critical to stay fully committed to the idea, and not let other voices deviate from its original intent. Many great ideas have died a slow death because of “design by committee.” While it’s critical to engage the right stakeholders to ensure everyone’s needs and expectations are being considered, not everyone can play the director role.

6. Work with the best

Most work is not the product of one individual. It’s essential to work collaboratively with a team of experts who not only understand the singular vision, but are equally dedicated to it. We work with experts and specialists both inside and outside of Prophet to deliver the best brand experiences for our clients.

7. Have passion

It’s important to stay passionate about the quality and integrity of the work. The best work is always born out of the hard work of people with a personal vested interest in seeing it succeed, and not settling for anything less.