While the average work tenure continues to get shorter and shorter down to 4.2 years from 4.6 years just two years ago, at Prophet there are many of us that have been here 10+ years. We recently got together to share what has kept us here this long and it’s not for lack of ambition or drive!

4 Ways Prophet Changed My Career

In this post, you’ll have a chance to hear from myself and other Prophet employees about why we’ve stuck around and enjoyed being a part of this growing team. While it’s hard to pinpoint only a few ways it impacted my career, hopefully this will give you a better understanding of what it’s like to work at Prophet.

1. Being a Part of Something Bigger

One of the key reasons that people have made such a long career here at Prophet is because of the opportunity to be a part of the firm’s growth and to be able to grow personally. I’ve seen the firm grow from one office to 10, and had five different roles here: brand strategy consultant, marketing, training, knowledge management, and my current role in corporate strategy.

Other colleagues shared similar sentiments about why they’ve enjoyed their long tenure at Prophet:

“I stay at Prophet because we continue to grow and evolve as a company based on the needs of our clients, and in turn, I grow and evolve as an individual.” – Amanda N.

“Because this firm is always growing, it’s given me the opportunity to learn and grow along with it.” – Laura M.

“Also, because Prophet is focused on growth, both for our clients and our firm, we’re always trying to evolve and change and improve. We try to stay ahead of where the market is heading, and that means there is always new things for me to learn and new capabilities, tools and approaches for me to bring to my role. It keeps it dynamic and fresh.” – Michael Dunn

2. Growing A New Type of Consultancy

We all feel a strong sense of ownership in driving Prophet’s growth. Part of it is due to the strong entrepreneurial spirit – everyone can see and feel the direct impact they are having. I personally love the fact that if you have a good idea with a strong business case, you can run with it and build it. I’ve had first-hand experience with this in building our award-winning Intranet and P4NP (Prophet for Nonprofit) programs.

“There are a lot of reasons I’ve been at Prophet for over 10 years, but primarily it is the opportunity to shape and grow a new type of consultancy. I was always envious of friends at business school who had a great idea and pursued it with a start-up. Until recently when I had the realization that we have exactly the same thing here – the chance to continue to grow an amazing company, full of great people that share the same passion for what we do.” – Alan C.

“I truly feel like I’ve had a hand in building who we are today, so I have a strong ownership perspective and pride in ensuring we continue to succeed and that spirit of what we’ve built doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.” – Jeff S.

3. Interesting, Challenging & Creative Work

What has fueled our growth is the exciting work that we do every day. This is another key reason that people continue to stay at Prophet. The work is interesting, challenging, creative, and we all take great pride in helping our clients grow better.

“A big part is the client work and the nature of the problems that we help clients solve. And because of that, the strong relationships I’ve been able to build with people on the client side. It makes the work exciting and meaningful.” – Michael D.

“The work is always changing.  New projects, new teams, new clients, new offerings. I keep learning about big and small things that interest me ranging from how industries are structured to how large corporations make decisions to the tone of voice used by Artificial Intelligence and if voice agents should use the word ‘please’ in their response or not.” – Gabriela H.

4. The Unique People & Culture

Finally, and not surprising, given that you spend most your adult life at work, another reason people have stayed at Prophet for so long is the company culture and great caliber of people that we have working at the firm.

“The people make every day fun, interesting and enjoyable.  And because I share a lot of the core values with the people, here it makes work more fulfilling.” – Michael D.

“And of course, the people here are incredible – smart, motivated, dedicated, creative, and grounded.  I get a lot of my juice from engaging with our people and helping to develop them however I can.” – Laura M.

“I’ve always brought my whole self and have been rewarded for it.  You see projects come to life when everyone brings their own personal passion, expertise, and way.” – Paul S.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this has provided you with a better understanding of life at Prophet. As I mentioned, sometimes it’s hard to point out just a few reasons why I’ve found my career so fulfilling. The bottom line is –  I feel incredibly fortunate to have been part of the firm’s growth story and to have personally grown over the past 18 years!