Prophet is lucky enough to enjoy a personnel phenomenon that we endearingly refer to as “The Boomerang.” Boomerang employees are those who have left Prophet for a variety of reasons – ranging from grad school to exploring a job opportunity that aligns with a specific personal passion – but come back to the firm later in their careers. After speaking with several boomerang employees, commonalities in their reasons for returning quickly emerged. No matter the reason for leaving, employees always cite three main reasons for returning:

  • the people
  • the work
  • the realization that, after seeing more of the professional world, Prophet is a truly unique and special place

Let’s take a look at what some of our favorite boomerangs say about their reasons for returning.

Positive Relationships in the Workplace

Prophet offers its employees, as Partner Jorge Aguilar puts it, “great friendships and mentors.” Even after employees leave the company, they often take these friendships with them, remaining connected throughout the years.

Plus, employees often realize that the type of people who work at Prophet are rare in the business world. After working with other groups of professionals, Senior Engagement Manager Davis Ward said that he still “missed working with and learning from the people [at Prophet].” Jorge notes that he has “worked at the client side and other consulting firms and [he] has never encountered the same level of people anywhere else.”

When employees return they are excited to be surrounded again by people with whom they have built such positive and enduring relationships. Senior Engagement Manager Sian Davies said, “My colleagues are smart, friendly, focused. Every time I work with someone new it feels like such a privilege to get to know them. They are such great people, and working with them is inspiring and motivating on a daily basis. I feel lucky to call them my colleagues and friends.”

Engaging and Unique Work Opportunities

Beyond missing the people, employees that leave Prophet often miss Prophet’s fun and challenging work.

The unique combination of disciplines that comprise Prophet’s work is something that employees are rarely able to find elsewhere. Davis explains this best, saying he “decided to come back because [he] couldn’t quite do the work with the combination Prophet offers – between growth, brand and digital work, mixing both creative and analytical inputs – at other places.” Jorge further explains that “working at the intersection of branding and growth” is singularly interesting it “exercises both sides of the brain.”

Sian explains that Prophet’s unique offering always allowed her to feel like she is bringing real value and that the projects brings “out the best of my capabilities.”

Open and Collaborative Company Culture

Many employees quickly realized how valuable Prophet’s culture was when they found themselves at companies with different cultures. Jorge explains that “the culture (and values) [at Prophet] is something that [he] came to value only after leaving Prophet and realizing that being ‘all in’ was not a standard at other places.” Sian agreed with Jorge, affirming that “being in a negative environment made me realise just how positive Prophet was, and how I felt like I could really grow and thrive at the firm.”

“Prophet’s…way of doing things” drove Davis to return. And, in the end, when employees do return, the culture makes this return more like a homecoming than anything else.

Jorge put it most succinctly, saying “I came back to Prophet for three reasons: the people, the culture, and the work.” And we can’t argue with that.

Final Thoughts

Employee engagement and company culture is an important part of retaining talent. At Prophet, we’ve been able to keep top talent at our company for many years. We take pride in the professionals that have come back to us over time realizing that Prophet allows them to grow in ways that other companies might not allow.