At Prophet, we are committed to giving back in meaningful ways. We do this not only through firm initiatives such as Prophet for Non-Profit Day, but we also rally around personal causes.

Over the years, Prophet’s Chicago Office has supported the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) in its mission to end hunger in the local community. In 2018, the GCFD hosted its 32nd Annual Hunger Walk to raise funds for the 800,000 individuals in Cook County who are food insecure. Let’s take a closer look at how your organization can give back and create employee engagement through philanthropy.

3 Tips Creating Employee Engagement Through Philanthropy

Every year the Prophet team has become more and more creative with its fundraising efforts to create more engagement within the office and raise even more money for the Hunger Walk. Based on this year’s efforts, we have three tips for creating employee engagement through philanthropy that you can apply to your own fundraising activities.

1. Make it Social

When you are trying to fundraise, sending emails and posting on social media only goes so far. People are much more likely to get involved when they are engaged in a new, exciting way.

To kick-off fundraising and generate excitement for the Hunger Walk, we hosted Chicago’s first annual Guac-off and fundraising event! We provided the guacamole ingredients and participants prepared their unique creations live. Afterwards, we voted on our favorite guacamole in the form of donations to the GCFD.

The guacamole far surpassed our expectations… Homegrown tomatoes and tomatillo salsa made from someone’s garden? Check. Spicy and sweet mango guac? Check. Guac with balsamic reduction on top? Check. All in all, the Guac-off was one of our favourite social events of the summer, and we raised $340 in the process.

2. Make it Personal

In addition to the Guac-off, we offered another exciting way to contribute to the cause – a food-themed silent auction. The auction, which we dubbed ‘Bid on Bites,’ allowed everyone to share their favorite foods and drinks while raising money for the GCFD. People donated food and drink items of all kinds, including a customized beer selection, homemade soup and some of the best baked goods the Chicago Office had to offer.

The auction certainly grabbed the office’s attention with unique auction items and spirited bidding wars. It just took a couple of people raising the stakes through office-wide emails to get our employees engaged and to drive up the donations. In the end, we raised over $1,600 just through the silent auction.

3. Make it Tangible

When you’re raising money for a cause, it can be easy to lose sight of the work to be done after donating the funds. In addition to fun events around the office, a few of our Chicago colleagues participated in a food-packing volunteer night at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

We packed over seven thousand pounds of sweet potatoes, which were distributed to soup kitchens and other agencies feeding those in need throughout Chicago. Those of us who volunteered had a chance to interact outside the office and donate our time in addition to our wallets.

This volunteer night gave us a better feel for the work of the GCFD and the magnitude and coordination of the GCFD’s efforts was impressive. Prophet’s Chicago office will continue to coordinate volunteer nights throughout the year to stay connected to the cause.

Walk the Walk

After much anticipation, our eager team woke up at the crack of dawn to participate with over 17K people at the Hunger Walk. It was an amazing morning, and so impactful to see everyone who came out to support the cause.

All in all, we raised $8,686 for the Greater Chicago Food Depository, coming in as the second highest donor! Our collective efforts are going to provide over 25,000 meals and hope for those that don’t know where hope is going to come from next. We look forward to continuing to experiment with other creative, engaging fundraising activities within our office, and hope these tips serve as inspiration for your own fundraising efforts!

Looking to increase engagement through philanthropy in your office? Prophet helps companies build employee engagement with strategies that work.