Digital pharma marketing is being preyed upon by myth-makers. Leading the pack are insurgent digital innovators who contribute digital savviness without appreciating the complexities of regulatory compliance and privacy protection. They do combat with entrenched incumbents – agencies and internal compliance teams – who tie digital pharma marketing in knots because they cannot grasp how real-world data and new, more controllable, secure and configurable technologies can comply with pharma’s regulatory and privacy constraints. The myth-based arguments between these groups are a drag on digital pharma marketing that reduces effectiveness and slows deployment beyond what’s needed to ensure patient privacy and regulatory compliance.

At Prophet, there are five myths we encounter time and time again in our work with pharma marketers – and they need debunking. Here I separate out the myth, the mistaken belief and offer a pragmatic course of digitally-enabled action to help brands move beyond the fallacy in order to deliver impact for their business.

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