Well, we’ve done it again! Prophet has been named a Forbes Top Management Consulting Firm in 2018, for the third year in a row. Without its people, a management consulting firm would be left with laptops and a lot of unused airline status. To get to the great work and happy clients that earn us recognition, we have to invest in our people. I’m surrounded every day by talented, amazing, smart people who are committed to creating great work for our clients. So how does Prophet make that happen?

4 Characteristics That Make Prophet a Top Management Consulting Firm

1. We’ve committed to growing from within

Prophet has a homegrown talent model. We are growing our business by growing our people. Practically speaking, this means we all have opportunities every day to both advance our own careers and to influence the direction of Prophet’s development. It’s amazing what great work you produce when you can see your future growing alongside the firms.

2. We coach

Growing your own talent base isn’t a set it and forget it thing. It takes hard work. Every single person at Prophet has a coach and most people at Prophet are also coaches to others across all levels and departments. We invest hundreds of hours every year into our review process, mentoring, and growing one another into the best consultants we can be.

3. We emphasize ideas over levels

If you contribute something in a meeting and it’s not a home run, that’s fine. But if you are silent, that doesn’t really fly. We believe in the power of the entire team—from interns to senior partners—to build on ideas together. Our team members feel valued for their contribution, and our clients get ideas that are inspired by both fresh new thinking and years of seasoned experience. Win-win.

4. We are fearlessly human

One of our corporate values is that we are “Fearlessly Human.” We make mistakes, joke around, correct one another, get drinks on a Tuesday, share our personal lives—you know, we’re people. It makes it a fun place to come to work every day. We feel that and so do our clients.

Final Thoughts

So, Forbes, we’re thrilled to be a Top Consulting firm again. And don’t think you’ve heard the last of us, because this year alone I helped celebrate people’s eleventh, fifteenth, and twentieth anniversaries of working at Prophet.

Not to mention all that junior talent we’ve committed to growing from within. That’s a lot of people committed to doing a lot of great work yet to come. Learn more about how Prophet’s talent can help your business grow!