P4NP (Prophet for Nonprofit) Day (now known as Prophet Impact Day) is when our entire firm takes a break from our work to collaborate with and help local charities with brand, business and marketing challenges. This year we worked with 35 different non-profits across the globe to help them grow better and make a bigger impact on the world.

4 Ways We Helped Nonprofits Across the Globe on P4NP Day

Here are four major ways we helped this year:

1. Writing Hemophilia Federation of America’s (HFA) Signature Story

Hemophilia is a condition in which the ability of blood to clot is severely reduced, causing severe bleeding from even a slight injury. HFA serves as a community-based organization, committed to championing the needs of families living with chronic, often painful, and debilitating bleeding disorders.

HFA’s current community understands the struggles of living with a bleeding disorder, but outside of their community, their story is virtually nonexistent. HFA needed to find a way to tell their story in a way that would resonate with the outside world Prophet helped HFA sort through the plethora of both heartwarming and heart-wrenching experiences to focus on a simple and compelling story centered around the medical bracelet that bleeding disorder patients are required to wear. When the final narrative was shared, the emotional atmosphere in the room made it clear that the HFA team and others were moved and we successfully met our challenge.

Man Giving Presentation About Hemophilia Federation of America


2. Helping the Mekong Club Clarify The 5 Keys To Fight Modern Slavery

There are more slaves today than at any other time in history. Nearly 46 million people across 167 countries are trapped in what is known as “modern slavery,” with seven out of ten of these victims directly related to the private sector.

The Mekong Club in Asia partners with companies to form industry-specific working groups, focused on identifying key slavery issues and providing actionable strategies on what can be done about it. The Mekong Club wanted to sharpen its messaging toolbox to attract prospective companies to join its cause. It also wanted to find new ways to reach out to its target customer – the private sector.

We proposed a customer-centric approach that recommends a customized set of resources to companies based on where they are in the awareness stage. We created an interactive member dashboard to track progress, and we rebranded the toolbox of resources to “Five keys to unlocking the fight against modern slavery” to make their tools more vivid and engaging.

Computer and Phone Displaying Interactive Member Dashboard to Combat Modern Slavery

3. Creating a Fresh Look For Newsletters To Drive More Engagement & Donations For the Food Bank

The Contra Costa & Solano County Food Bank‘s mission is to lead the fight to end hunger in partnership with their community, in service of their neighbors in need. They store and distribute food to the 1 and 8 people  that are hungry in their community.

For the past 20 years, they’ve had the same newsletter (name and branding) and realized that while it provided interesting and useful information, a refresh could really help increase engagement as well as drive more revenue. The Prophet team helped the Food Bank come up with a new name (prior to P4NP day) and then worked with them to outline a content strategy as well as create a refreshed design for the online and print newsletters. The Food Bank is excited to implement these changes and see its impact.

The Contra Costa & Solano County Food Bank News Letter Design


4. Honoring and Remembering People Persecuted by the Nazis

Our Berlin office had a special assignment. Half of our team went around the city and spent the day and cleaning stones that were put in place to represent family members and friends placed where they lived before WWII as part of the Stolpersteine project. These stones are bronze and placed as a tribute, but frequently get dirty. Our team spent the day cleaning them.

After each one was cleaned, we placed a flower next to the stone. It was a very personal way to remember what happened and pay homage to those families. While our team was doing this, they found a lot of people stopped to see what they were doing. People passing by became very emotional – they thanked us, told us how important this was and some even said that they would like to help. We were touched and surprised to see such a strong reaction from everyone in the city. It felt great and in total, we cleaned over 150 stones.

Co-Workers Cleaning Stones in Berlin

Cleaned Stones to Represent Those Displaced by WWII

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