Maureen Treankler’s success lies in helping clients drive growth through actionable strategies. She has always believed in taking risks and using her instincts to overcome challenges, both personally and professionally. She started her career at Kraft Foods, and from there moved into consulting— spending time at Henry Rak, McKinsey and Cambridge Group before joining Prophet. As a partner at Prophet and a consultant for some of the world’s leading brands, Maureen is part of our growth acceleration practice where she applies her pragmatic attitude to go above and beyond for clients and her team.

Growing up as one of 10 children in a community where going to college wasn’t a given, Maureen gained life skills and a perspective that fostered her ambition. When reflecting on her career, family and the paths she’s taken, she recognizes the role her upbringing played, “The chaos of family dinner every night was ripe with life lessons— If you want to be heard, it better be good! And eat fast or it’ll be eaten by someone else.”

On Work/Life Balance

Maureen left the corporate world to start her own consulting firm, giving her flexibility to spend more time with her three young children. Though running her own company still made it challenging to balance time spent between work and family, she adapted her professional life to meet the needs of her personal life. “It definitely didn’t feel like I was making a sacrifice since I’ve always been comfortable taking risks and pursuing different paths along the way.”

After her kids were a bit older, Maureen continued her consulting career with McKinsey & Co. Maureen’s favorite projects include working with consumer-oriented companies to identify new paths to growth acceleration. “The goal is to go beyond selling something; not just making a transaction but developing an enduring bond with consumers.” For example, she really enjoyed helping a major electronics company redefine its relationship with consumers and pivot the brand towards being more consumer-insight-driven while tapping into emotional needs.

On Leadership

Maureen also uses her skillset and personal experiences to mentor future leaders at Prophet. “For me, being a better leader is the most important part of being a partner. Developing the next generation of firm leaders and helping people on their career journey is a privilege.” One of her mentees, engagement manager, Stacy Lamkin said, “Maureen brings her own authentic style to leadership: she is direct and assertive, while also being incredibly supportive and empathetic.”

On Life at Prophet

Since joining Prophet, Maureen has shared her wisdom, and received some too. She’s found internal mentors to help her develop within Prophet as well as to partner with her on client engagements. Her client projects have given her the great fortune to work with incredibly talented people including, designers, verbal branding and digital— all people that bring our work to life in inspiring ways. “Hands down the best part of Prophet is that the people are real. It’s refreshing to work with people I also consider friends.”

Learn More About Maureen

To learn more about Maureen and hear from others who work with her, check out her video bio .


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