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Prophet’s Top 15 Blog Posts of 2018

In case you missed any of these the first time around, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular blogs from 2018.

  1. Creating Signature Stories:

    Known as theFather of Modern Branding”, David Aaker, explains his definition of a signature story–an intriguing, authentic, involving narrative–and how to use it to communicate a brand vision, values and strategy.

  2. Building Relevant Brands: A New Way to Win With Customers:

    What is a relentlessly relevant brand? They are the brands that are so entrenched in our daily lives that we don’t even question our loyalty to it. Learn what qualities drive brand relevance and how your business can leverage them.

  3. B2B Branding: Why You Need It More Than Ever:

    With major forces like globalization and digital commerce upending markets, there are many reasons why B2B branding is more critical than ever. Here are some important considerations to help build a successful B2B brand.

  4. Which Brands Truly Inspire? The 2018 Prophet Brand Relevance Index®:

    Being a truly inspired brand is one of the most admired and sought-after achievements, but how do you get there? Learn how via the Brand Relevance Index® 2018.

  5. 5 Lessons From America’s Most Relevant Brands:

    We found that the most relevant brands in the U.S. have 5 shared priorities. Here are lessons that can be learned from those at the top of our Index.

  6. Brand Building in an Increasingly Digital World:

    A revolution in brand management is needed to start (and remain) relevant in a digital world.

  7. The Body, Mind and Soul of Digitally Evolved Organizations

    : Learn best practices in building a living brand strategy: When it comes to successful digital transformation, often the hardest part is changing company culture. Learn how to update the body, mind and soul of your brand to become a digitally evolved organization.

  8. Top 10 Digital Trends 2018:

    Digital technology changes quickly, which makes keeping up with trends vital. Discover the list of 2018 trends around brand & experience, culture & innovation, and data & intelligence, created by Altimeter’s analysts.

  9. The Digital Transformation of Guest Experience:

    While digital implies a technological approach, the power of digital transformation is in building brand agility and resilience in a transforming marketplace. The result of this year-long research is now available in this report.

  10. 4 Core Characteristics That Make Prophet a Top Consulting Firm:

    Prophet has been named a Forbes Top Management Consulting Firm for the third year in a row. To get to the great work and happy clients that earn us recognition, we invest in our people.

  11. Women in Leadership at Prophet:

    There’s been a lot of talk, and some action, about gender equality in the workplace lately. Learn how we are working to promote our women in leadership initiative.

  12. 4 Ways We Helped Nonprofits Across the Globe on P4NP Day:

    Once a year, on Prophet for Nonprofit day (P4NP Day), our global workforce presses pause on their usual tasks to take on nonprofit projects across the world. Learn how we helped this year.

  13. Why Millennials Are Putting A Premium On Freedom:

    What do millennials want from the customer experience? Check out what research shows to be key to success among brands.

  14. 5 Brand and Customer Experience Trends for 2018:

    In 2018, the brands that are more relevant and valuable to people’s lives will be the ones that have the most impact. These 5 customer experience trends will shape branding for years to come.

  15. How Gatorade Fueled Its Business Growth with Customer Insights:

    Facing double-digit volume decline, Gatorade needed to revitalize its brand. Learn how the brand built an incredibly successful growth strategy by focusing on the number one priority–customers.

Final Thoughts

Learn more about some of the world’s most beloved brands, as well as our ideas, insights and inspirations, by staying up to date with Prophet Thinking.