Every day we see new stories — and new hype — about the capabilities and sheer momentum of artificial intelligence. Use cases abound: AI is as good as experts at detecting eye disease. It is changing everything from banking to fashion to education. Investment continues at a healthy clip; research firm IDC expects cognitive and AI spending to reach $52.2 billion by 2021. DARPA alone expects to invest $2B in AI over the next five years.

But as we’ve seen with all significant technology shifts — from the Gutenberg Bible to electricity to the Internet — AI upends many of the assumptions, processes, and even cultures of the organizations and societies that implement it. Some of these changes are temporary, as we learn more and as the technologies mature, and some are more fundamental and longer lasting, but the clear message is that we are still in the earliest stages of the shift to intelligent systems.

This report lays out a maturity model for AI adoption in the enterprise. It outlines four macro shifts that define the impact of AI in organizations and society and five stages of AI maturity based on how organizations approach business strategy, data science, product and service design, organization and culture, and ethics and governance. As with any significant technology shift, we’ll know AI has reached maturity when it no longer looks like magic but has become an integral part of our professional and personal lives.

In the report, you will find:

Four Macro Trends Affecting AI Success

  • How We Interact: From Screens to Senses
  • How We Decide: From Business Rules to Probabilities
  • How We Innovate: From Data Analytics to Data Science to Data Engineering
  • How We Lead: From Expertise-Driven to Data-Driven

A Maturity Model for Artificial Intelligence

  • Strategy: From Optimization to Business Model Innovation
  • Data Science: From Specialty to Scale
  • Product and Service Development: From Reactive to Anticipatory
  • Organization and Culture: From Hierarchical to Dynamic
  • Ethics and Governance: From “The Wild West” to “Enterprise-Ready”


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