Prophet for Nonprofit (P4NP) Day is one day where our entire firm takes a break from our usual work to collaborate and help local nonprofit companies with brand, marketing and growth challenges, and provide hands-on, in-field support. To date, we’ve helped over 140 nonprofit organizations grow and make a bigger impact on their communities through our efforts on P4NP Day.

Prophet for nonprofit
2019 Prophet for Nonprofit Day Theme: “Doing Good Across the Globe”

This year our eleven offices set out to “do good across the globe” by working with nonprofits that are supporting a wide range of causes from education, to food insecurity, to homelessness, to aiding survivors of breast cancer. After polling our participants, both Prophet employees and the nonprofit organization representatives, we’ve compiled this list of the top takeaways from the day.

Man Leading Presentation on Prophet for Nonprofit Day
Richmond | P4NP Day Kickoff

Top 5 Takeaways from P4NP Day 2019: Doing Good Across the Globe

Check out our top 5 takeaways from doing good across the globe during P4NP Day 2019 and learn about the impact that can be made in just one day:

  1. It’s important to take a step back, reflect and bring in fresh perspectives that can help you achieve your ambitions

  • “So often we have to produce all day so to set aside time to think about strategy has reinvigorated me”
  • “This is a culmination of all the ‘stuff’ we’ve always had in our heads, but with 9 total employees, have just never had time to organize the themes and put it to paper.”
  • “By the end of the presentation, my mind was spinning with so many reactions and thoughts of how these deliverables could be further applied.”
Man Volunteering with Children
New York | Team Educational Alliance
Group of Co-Workers Problem Solving in Office
Berlin | Team Real Junk Food
  1. Everyone has something to contribute, and when we’re “all in” we can drive great impact

Regardless of role or level, we’re all on the same team. Each and every voice can and should be heard and celebrated as it’s our belief that it’s the combination of ideas, experiences and insights that come together to make the greatest impact. A Propheteer in our Berlin office remarked:

“We were working on the vision and objectives for Die Arche and did a storytelling exercise around the key messages and elevator pitch. One of our interns (who just joined 4 weeks ago) stood up first and did an excellent job telling the story – showcasing that everyone is ‘all in’ during those days and can make excellent contributions!”

Group of Co-Workers Discussing at Conference Table
Chicago | Team Glen Ellyn Public Library
Three Co-Workers Writing Out Ideas
San Francisco | Team SEO Scholars
  1. Sometimes there’s no better way to give back then getting our hands dirty (literally)

From Zurich to L.A., several teams did hands-on work to improve the environment. In Zurich our colleagues helped local farmers Luzerner Bäuerinnen and Bauern Verband cultivate its precious alpine farm land to support traditional Swiss farming.

Group of People in Zurich Helping Local Farmers
Zurich | Team Luzerner Bäuerinnen and Bauern Verband

And in L.A., we worked with Grown in L.A. to weed and help pot native plants which they will eventually use in a local park.

Co-Workers Planting in Garden
Los Angeles | Team Grown in LA

Some New York Propheteers opted for getting hands-on at a local women’s rights organization. When the rain canceled their outdoor beautification plans, they brought their talents inside to organize and create some one-of-a-kind murals, leaving a lasting legacy in the space.

Woman Painting on Wall
New York | Team Womankind

In Austin, Springboxers (Prophet’s newest family members) peeled and chopped hundreds of pounds of sweet potatoes, put together thousands of meal kits and flexed their creative muscles to make cards for the people that would be receiving the food.

Group of People making Peanut-Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Austin | Team Mobile Loaves and Fishes

  1. Good vibes spread more good vibes

A team in our Chicago office worked with the Sonia Shah Organization who brought along one of their scholarship recipients. Upon learning that she would be graduating that weekend, the team presented her with a special treat. She cried when she was celebrated – and so did everyone else!

Other teams across the globe were impressed by the energy, positivity and enthusiasm felt during the day

  • “It was great to feel the office so full of energy, experience the enthusiasm from both clients and Propheteers and witness the ideation of the great and tangible deliverables that will be applied tomorrow.”
  • “It’s so inspiring to see how each one of you is completely involved, every idea is celebrated and you are supporting and motivating one another!”
Group of People Wearing Name-Tags and Shaking Hands
New York | Team Dancing Classrooms
Shanghai P4NP Day
Shanghai | Team Angel Heart
  1. There’s a lot you can do in just one day

It’s incredible how much can get done in 8 hours. One nonprofit team was so passionate and engaged about the work that they didn’t want to take breaks. At the end of the day the team had:

  • Turned an antiquated mission statement into a modern brand purpose, promise and principles that is both ambitious and inspired
  • Defined and analyzed three priority donor segments: Current and past clientele; Corporate Donors with CSR departments; Media
  • Brainstormed tactics to engage each of these three segments
Hong Kong | P4NP Day
Hong Kong | Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres
Prophet Design on P4np Day
London | Team Project Happy Note

Other teams commented:

  • “The opportunity to collaborate with Prophet was invaluable! The amount of content and planning we accomplished for The CAPS Foundation in one day was astonishing.”
  • “We are leaving here with 20 new ideas that we can start to implement tomorrow”
  • We’ve tried pro-bono events like this before, but we’ve never received such tangible outputs at the end of the day. You all hustle like we do.”
Group of Co-Workers Discussing at Conference Table
Richmond | Team HandUp  Berlin | Team Joblinge 


Final Thoughts

Internally and externally P4NP Day will have a lasting impact. Thomas Yates, Executive Director at Legal Council for Health Justice summarized his experience:

“Prophet brings a set of expertise that we simply don’t have or have not yet thought about.  You’re a special organization and we got a tremendous amount of value out of today.”

Team Grid Alternative Posing with Phones
San Francisco | Team Grid Alternatives Bay Area

We’re so grateful to all of the nonprofits who we spent the day with us. You’ve all humbled, motivated and excited us. Your efforts to do good in your communities and across the globe are so appreciated. Thank you to everyone who participated! Muhammed Ahmad an intern associate in our Richmond office wrapped it up perfectly:

“It was humbling to come together as an organization for a day knowing we are making a difference where it really matters. We today have made a difference in the lives of people who need it most.”

Hong Kong Team on Prophet for Nonprofit Day
Hong Kong | Group Photo