There’s a lot of focus in our industry on those already at the top, but change is driven at all levels.

Rising highlights the builders, the shapers and the doers across marketing, media, and innovation — the ones tagged to be our future leaders. Each episode showcases a leader rising up and what they see ahead. Hosted by Prophet Partner Mat Zucker and Direct Agents’ Jeff Boaz. Zucker and Boaz talk to guests about career trajectory, the people who helped them, skills gained along the way and the trends they’re watching.

Did you miss any episodes so far? We’ve got you covered.

Joe Conyers of Songtrust – Learning What I Didn’t Know

Play Episode 1

Amy Weisenbach of The New York Times – I Ask A Lot of Questions

Play Episode 2

Rachel Moore of Citi – Do What’s Interesting

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Joe Lazauskas of Contently – Stumbling A#%-Backwards Into Marketing

Play Episode 4

Bob O’Leary of BNY Mellon – This Story Starts with Pizza

Play Episode 5

Stacey Brickman of Sony – Careers Are Marathons

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Betty Liu of Intercontinental Exchange – Not Waiting for Permission

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Stay tuned for more bi-weekly episodes in 2020!


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