Prophet for Nonprofit, our social impact program, is our firm-wide commitment to helping our global and local communities thrive. While there are many worthy causes that our offices support throughout the year, there are certain causes that stand out and call for an all-hands-on-deck, global approach.

Coming Together for a Greater Cause

When the bushfires hit Australia last month, and we saw that over a billion animals died as a result, our global offices came together to plan local fundraisers that united our teams in creative ways while raising money for an important cause.

Here are some examples of the inspiring events that took place:

Berlin: “Kale for Koalas” dinner featuring stewed kale and smoked sausage, called Grünkohl und Mettenden


Hong Kong: Watercolor Painting Class













London: “Prophet Scoff It” team-oriented donut eating competition

New York: Art Show and bake sale


Richmond: Smoothie Competition

San Francisco: Taco Lunch, jellybean counting competition and moonshine sale

Shanghai: Red envelopes celebration tied with Chinese New Year

Final Thoughts

In total, we raised over $5,000, and these donations will go toward supporting the wildlife in the Victoria region of Australia. We selected two smaller non-profits that aren’t getting as much attention as others, but are still doing a lot of good work:

  • Mallacoota Wildlife Shelter – in the heart of the devastating bushfire region. This shelter is focused on emergency relief, support, and rehabilitation of animals in this region.
  • Wildlife Victoria – focusing on habitat regeneration as over 1.2 million hectares of burned bushlands need to be rehabilitated so the animals, including koalas and kangaroos, have somewhere to live.

To learn more about Prophet, Prophet for Nonprofit and P4NP Day, please reach out.


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