Falkmar describes his path to Prophet as a “wild mix.” The senior associate, who works out of our Berlin office, spent six years at law school before getting his Masters in Fashion, Design and Luxury Management from the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris. While working in retail management at Louis Vuitton, he became fixated on brands. He saw the power they possess, and the power consumers have by changing how they interact with the brands they love. He wondered who was behind these strategic shifts in consumer-brand relationships and was ready to get a better understanding of what was at play behind the scenes.

Falkmar enjoyed his transition to brand strategy work, especially enjoying his focus within Prophet’s organization & culture practice. He is constantly finding triggers for his never-ending curiosity across his various projects – from consumer journey mapping in healthcare to purpose statements in insurance. But his number one reason for staying at Prophet? The people that continue to inspire him to learn and grow.

Get to know Falkmar a little bit more…

How do you describe what you do to your relatives?

“Having two older brothers who both were consultants at some points in their career – one at BCG, the other at McKinsey & Co – my family luckily has an idea of what a consultant does.  So it’s more about concrete tangible examples to make it clearer for them what I do, how it helps our clients and how it has maybe even affected them, one way or another.”

How do you describe Prophet’s culture to your friends?

“I describe Prophet as familiar, supportive and dynamic. Working out of the Berlin office, I also always include that we are truly international and pan-European in our ways of working!”

Do you have any mentors in your life? If yes, who?

“My first boss who, a bit ‘Devil- wears-Prada’-like, was my first mentor and taught me a lot in terms of professional maturity, accuracy and dedication. But I also think my Berlin friends, many of them successful entrepreneurs, and my family are people I can always turn to for concrete advice.”

What’s one piece of professional advice that has stuck with you most?

“True passion, a wide and adaptive skill set are crucial, but what I have learned from great leaders is that a healthy dose of empathy makes the difference in having both a successful and rewarding career.”


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