A born and bred New Yorker, Lindsey loves a good challenge. In fact, she prides herself on being able to take on complex problems and identify the right solutions. With an undergrad degree from Cornell and an MBA from Columbia and a consultant background prior to joining Prophet, she has sought to apply her knowledge to help deliver customer-focused growth strategies for her clients. All that said, it is working alongside teams of fun, smart, and determined Propheteers that she identified as a key to her success.

As a Senior Engagement Manager in our New York office, Lindsey focuses on helping financial services clients truly understand their customers and helps them align their products, services, and experiences easier to customer needs. Get to know Lindsey more…

Walk me through an ideal day at Prophet. What does it look like?

“My ideal day at Prophet starts with a great breakfast and would involve spending time with the team first thing, figuring out priorities for the day. Then, we’d spend a few hours doing some problem solving and thinking through what solutions might look like for a client problem. Then, I’d hop on the subway for a client meeting, wrap up the day with a regroup with the team to talk about next steps or potential business development opportunities, all before heading home to pick up my son.”

How do you describe Prophet’s culture to your friends?

“I always say that our culture is really focused on problem solving as a team. Regardless of your level, the team will want you to have a point of view when it comes to solving our client’s toughest challenges. It’s also fun! We are all-in and focused, but we have a good time while doing the work and we really support one another, whether it be personally or professionally.”

Which one of Prophet’s values do you resonate most with and why?

“Fearlessly Human, Unexpectedly Irreverent.  I love that I can bring my whole self to work and have my work taken seriously, without having to take myself too seriously.”

Do you have any mentors in your life? If yes, who?

“Yes, I have so many mentors at Prophet. People like my good friends, Davis Ward and Lily Peleg, and female leaders like, Marisa Mulvihill, Chiaki Nishino and Merritt Robinson. They help me balance what matters in my career with my matters to me as a person. They help me see the big picture, teach me new things every day, and are people I love being around.”



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