Virginia-native and Richmond office Propheteer Siobhan Cooper has worked at Prophet for nearly a decade. After several years at Ogilvy, Siobhan came to Prophet looking for an opportunity to build brands from the bottom up. From an early age, Siobhan loved digging deep into a problem, not satisfied until she understood it from all sides. She brings this relentless curiosity to Prophet as a senior engagement manager, combining her knack for asking the tough questions with her innate creativity.

And she does this all while mentoring associates across Prophet’s global offices. This year, she won an award for “Coach of the Year” at “The Aakers” – Prophet’s employee awards event. Get to know Siobhan more…

What’s the story behind your personal brand?

“My personal brand is ’Whisk.’ As a frequent baker and cook I found similarities between this fabulous kitchen tool and what I bring to my teams. Just like a whisk, I bring all the ingredients of the project together – from research insights, objectives, metrics, client needs and more – and combine them together to create the perfect mix. A whisk also has the special hidden asset of incorporating air into the mix to make it nice and light – something I think my personality brings to my teams.”

Walk us through an ideal day at Prophet. What does it look like? ​

“It starts with an inspirational breakfast at the kitchen table in Richmond followed by a morning Zoom video standup with my team. Then I would dive into some meetings with team to work through the latest iterations on positioning hypotheses, have a quick one-on-one with my client before a lunch break. A coaching chat with one of my amazing coachees would follow, and then I’d dive into a few more impromptu Teams/Zoom video working sessions with my team (that would hopefully include surprise guests of the canine variety) before a brisk walk to our local bakery and coffee spot Whisk for an afternoon snack. Filled with sugar and a fresh zest for life I would dedicate some desk time to planning and tracking the project before any final phone calls and emails to round out the day.”

How do you describe Prophet’s culture to your friends?

“Prophet has the challenge and intensity of the big consulting firms with the fun, funkiness and curiosity of a good agency. It’s the perfect combination for someone who is serious about what they do and making an impact for their clients but doesn’t take themselves too seriously.”

Which one of Prophet’s values do you resonate most with and why? ​

“Many Voices, One Team – because it is by putting each team member’s talents together that we create magical results. My best Prophet experiences and outcomes have been on teams that are truly diverse – in discipline, role, age, background, gender… you name it. When we elevate each other’s thinking and talents we are truly unstoppable.”

If you were a brand, which one would you be and why?

“Kate Spade. Classic and classy, yet modern and quirky, the brand always finds a way to add a little sparkle and joy into life – which is exactly what I aspire to do. It has reinvented itself and grown a lot over the years but has never lost its optimistic essence.”


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