During this crisis, marketers may shift messaging, spend or delay initiatives, but it doesn’t mean to stop communicating. Content marketing can be a lever that’s easily flexed, less promotional, and deployed right, could create some discernible value in the short term for the customer, and in the long-term for the relationship.

Jay Mandel runs The Collective NYC, a team of marketing consultants organized around the customer experience. Mandel emphasizes the need for companies to start with a clear understanding of their mission and values so that their actions are not forgettable or un-ownable.

Applying this to content marketing, you would then consider each audience and the conversation about where you might help. What is each of their needs and what might you offer as a brand? Recognizing this might be a new and delicate space for marketers, there’s a slew of guidance coming out every day, such as this one-sheeter from Pinterest. While there are many channels one might consider, there tend to be three major types of content that can guide some quick decisions.

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