As organizations face difficult choices in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Charlene Li, author of The Disruption Mindset and senior fellow at Altimeter, a Prophet company, discusses the strategies business leaders can deploy during disruptive times in her webinar series, “Leading in Times of Crisis”.  Watch the replays and access the presentation slides for the webinars “How to be a Strong Leader in Times of Crisis”, “Operating in the New Normal” and “Creating a Culture Capable of Thriving with Disruption.”

How to be a Strong Leader in Times of Crisis

Watch the webinar replay to learn about five ways to help leaders navigate these trying times. Presentation slides can be accessed here. Please feel free to share and utilize with Attribution to Altimeter.

Leading in Times of Crisis: Operating in the New Normal

Watch the webinar replay for insights on what leaders should do and how they can prepare for operating successfully in a post-crisis world. Slides from the webinar are available here.

Creating a Culture Capable of Thriving with Disruption

Watch the webinar replay to learn about the key principles a disruptive organization can deploy to create a culture of change. Webinar slides are available here for download.

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  1. Thank you. I absolutely agree with your conclusions and advice. It is the implementation that requires complete certainty at the on set.

  2. Charlene, thanks for this webinar (I’m watching the recorded first in preparation for the second). I love how you never used the V word (thanks for that) to describe the complexity of disruption.