Digital Selling Maturity Assessment

The COVID-19 pandemic was a wake up call to many: how can our business survive without an effective digital selling strategy?  Many organizations are re-thinking both their digital transformation plans as well as their organizational structures. Do they adequately leverage digital techniques to build resilience? We have studied what capabilities are needed to excel in B2B digital selling. Realizing it can take years to digitally enable a salesforce or function, our research points to the highest value capabilities to enable an incremental approach.  Our diagnostic helps our clients understand where their own capabilities fall short, and which high-value sprints to develop new capabilities should be prioritized to achieve digital selling results.

Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment and Improvement Roadmap

More than any other kind of disruption, the COVID-19 crisis will expose the cracks in companies’ digital maturity efforts. If they weren’t doing them before, digital marketers will be under even more pressure to transform in order to achieve results in a digital-first, data-driven and automated way. Not only are these technologies innovative, in a post-pandemic world, they will become essential practices by using technology to reduce cost, automate labor and integrate siloed functions. 

Together with Prophet, Altimeter offers the full-breadth of its digital marketing transformation and improvement solutions, as we believe these projects are even more crucial in a world where customers and employees are overwhelmingly relying on digital to learn, engage and transact. We can offer both assessments and long-term transformation agendas, as well as immediate tactical assistance through our Springbox team. These efforts can be concentrated on any combination of digital marketing capabilities and/or use cases in order to set up the client for continued success.

Key Outputs & Deliverables

  • Assessment of existing digital marketing capabilities (people, processes and tools) against selected use cases
  • Prioritized roadmap for improvement
  • Pilot plan and execution to implement roadmap recommendations

Social Business Maturity Assessment

Through our research, we’ve identified the capabilities organizations must have to execute a full social business strategy.  We regularly benchmark these capabilities to understand what “the best” looks like.  This research-based assessment is a diagnostic which uncovers both strengths and weaknesses in social media practice. Customers will better understand where they fall short of industry benchmarks and what to do to solve those gaps.  A full range of data points are used to measure readiness in terms of data/analytics, operational processes, organizational alignment, resources/budget, strategy, governance, tools and skills needs.

Social Media Governance Assessment

When social media strategies fail, lack of clear and complete governance is too often the root of the problem. Governance is too often associated with control, a dirty word in an organization that seeks agility and resilience. In reality, clear governance allows organizations to respond more quickly and minimize the organizational tension that can exist when both executing strategy and–perhaps more importantly–responding to unforeseen externals that impact strategy.  Our research-based diagnostic helps organizations define governance within the context of four “P”s: People, Policy, Process and Practice. Clients leave with cross-functional consensus for how social will be managed as a business tool. 

Content Strategy Assessment and Improvement Roadmap

Digital content is the lifeblood of any competent digital marketing operation. To assess your ability to create, deliver and achieve success with digital content, Altimeter has created a proprietary maturity model, based on benchmarks from its industry leading research on the “State of Digital Content.” Through a detailed set of interviews, document reviews and technology evaluations, our expert analysts will be able to tell you exactly how far you are in your journey to excellence, and map out the exact steps you need to take to get to the next level.

Areas of evaluation include:

  • Content Strategy
  • Leadership and organization
  • Content creation and delivery
  • Content measurement and attribution
  • Data usage for content optimization
  • New content formats and innovations
  • Content technology stack additions and integrations


Key Outputs & Deliverables

  • Assessment of existing digital content capabilities against research based benchmarks (industry and geography specific)
  • Identification of priority areas and key challenges
  • Pilot plan and execution to implement recommendations for improvement