Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment

Altimeter uses a research-based tool to assesses your organization’s current digital maturity and ideal future state maturity in order to identify major gaps and opportunities. It asks questions such as “Is there a digital strategy to drive transformation?” and “What capabilities are required to deliver against the strategy?”

The assessment also examines the organizational (culture, leadership, structure, training) and systems (governance, measurement, technology) aspects of digital transformation. Clients are provided maturity scores, as well as specific short- and long-term recommendations.

Digital Strategy

Altimeter works with clients at all levels of their digital strategy, from one-day workshops with executives to define what digital means to the organization, to detailed three-year road maps that include vision statements, initiatives, staffing plans and investment strategies. Altimeter brings deep industry research and best practices to the table while tapping the consulting expertise and resources of Prophet, our parent company, to provide scale and global coverage.