The Insurance Customer of the Future report is the latest research from Prophet’s Financial Services practice. It explains how insurers can drive growth by putting their customers at the center of their transformation strategies. The first step? Understanding their customers on a deeper level. Not only understanding who they are, what they value and what they need in the present, but also several years down the line.

Prophet’s experts centered their research around Jamie, an insurance customer living in 2030. By understanding and anticipating the generational trends and technological possibilities that will shape Jamie’s environment, insurers can make the right transformation moves now to win Jamie’s – and her peers – business in the future.

Read this report to gain deeper insights on:

  • The digital transformation trajectory of the insurance industry and its implications for business leaders
  • The broad demographic, social, economic and technology trends that will define the decade ahead for insurers and their customers
  • The evolving consumer demands that will shape the future of insurance
  • The ways insurers need to transform their businesses to win in the “new world”

Download the Report.