Fintech Frontier: Patrick Stal from N26 on Why Differentiation is Key

Learn about the mission behind N26, a 100% digital bank with 7 million customers.

16 min


Fintech Frontier: Prophet Talks Disruption is a series of interviews with leading fintech disruptors. In this episode, Saurabh Wahi, talks to Patrick Stal, VP of Global Marketing at N26, one of the world’s leading digital banks. N26, “The Mobile Bank,” provides its 7 million customers in Europe and the US with a 100% digital banking experience.

Patrick shares how N26 approaches growth as a fiercely customer-centric and mission-driven organization. Watch the full interview to find out why brand and experience differentiation is key as new and traditional entrants compete for banking customers.

About Fintech Frontier: Prophet Talks Disruption

The Financial Services industry is evolving rapidly with important shifts in market dynamics & customer expectations.  Prophet’s fintech interview series Fintech Frontier: Prophet Talks Disruption brings you one-on-one interviews with the thought leaders and innovators transforming financial services. Each episode showcases a Fintech leader story that is revolutionizing banking, payments, insurance, and all other areas disrupting our industry.

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