David Warren

Associate Partner

With a background in strategy and innovation, David brings over 10 years of experience working with Fortune 500 executive-level clients including Altria, Charles Schwab, eBay, Ford, Hewitt Associates, Liberty Mutual, Lincoln Financial, Mars, Moen, T Rowe Price and WellPoint.

David’s range of experience includes uncovering innovation territories for growth, developing new product and service concepts and leading senior teams through strategic transformation of “under siege” businesses. He has a knack for getting himself assigned to some of the more exciting projects at Prophet that include developing new rewards programs for credit cards, creating new occasions for gifting and sharing chocolate, reimagining how water flows in your home, leveraging premium pet food brands to make lives better for dogs and creating pathways for people to improve their quality of life through their health insurance policy.

Prior to joining Prophet, David was a consultant and account manager at the Breakthrough Group, a leadership development and communications company based in Chicago. He opened their Richmond, VA office in 2006 before joining Play, an innovation company also based in Richmond. Play was acquired by Prophet in 2009. A former actor, David was featured in some of the most forgettable independent films you’ve never heard of.

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