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September 2, 2015
Partner John Holton writes for PR Week about the changing perceptions for "Brand Taiwan" more →

September 2, 2015
Chief Growth Officer Scott Davis weighs in on who was the worst celebrity endorser of all time.  more →

August 27, 2015
Chief Growth Officer Scott Davis shares his branding advice for Subway following the scandal with longtime spokesperson, Jared Fogle.  more →

August 26, 2015
Altimeter analyst Brian Solis writes why the state of the music industry is a harbinger of what’s to come for every business. more →

August 21, 2015
As American Eagle starts its search for a new CMO, Chief Growth Officer Scott Davis shares his advice for the brand with Adweek.  more →

August 20, 2015
Paul English for The Guardian: "Big bang or little steps – business digital transformation in the US and UK"  more →

August 19, 2015
Chief Growth Officer Scott Davis shares his thoughts on Starbucks offering an alcohol menu at more of its locations. Is it a good or bad move for the major coffee brand? more →

August 11, 2015
Partner Eloy Trevino talks with Campaign magazine about how big food brands are managing the "clean eating" movement. more →

August 3, 2015
Charlene Li, CEO of Altimeter Group, a Prophet company, talks with Ad Exchanger about how brands should approach emerging channels.  more →

July 28, 2015
Partner Paul English published an article, "Too Small For Content Strategy? Think Again" for Minutehack.  more →

July 23, 2015
In the second article of Prophet's CMO.com series, Chief Growth Officer Scott Davis and Partner Felicia Rosenzweig share how innovation can keep your brand relentlessly relevant.  more →

July 22, 2015
Prophet has acquired Altimeter Group, a leading technology research firm. The move demonstrates Prophet’s commitment to helping senior executives understand and act on digital as a transformative force in their business. more

July 14, 2015
Prophet Umfrage, 'Fifa Skandal' unter 1000 Bundesbürgern more

July 14, 2015
Der Unmut vieler Bundesbürger über den Korruptionsskandal der Fifa richtet sich nun auch gegen die Sponsoren des Fußballweltverbandes und weckt Zweifel, ob sich das millionenschwere Engagement der Fifa-Sponsoren überhaupt noch lohnt. more

July 13, 2015
Partner Joseph Gelman explains why change of logo for Spain’s ruling party will have no impact in winning voters, for El Confidencial. more →

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