Gabriela Henault

Associate Partner

Describe your passion, your expertise and your way.

Passion: People, movies, languages, foreign cultures, travel

Expertise: Languages

Way: Quiet confidence, poised, structured, helps give shape to other’s ideas

True Title: Glassblower

What is your favorite brand?

I love Virgin’s irreverent tone, how McDonald’s has changed with the times and trends in the fast food industry, and Ford’s digital strategy.

What is a little known fact about you?

Up until the age of 19, figure skating was my life; before I got into marketing I wanted to make movies.

What drew you to Prophet?

Many things…The balance of ART and SCIENCE; the entrepreneurial and slightly irreverent internal culture; the wonderful people and the promise of learning from them and becoming their friend; Michael Dunn because he interviewed me and I was SO impressed the CEO was meeting Associate-level candidates.

Any advice to applicants?

Relax and be yourself. If our two brands jive you will end up joining us.