Amanda Nizzere

Director of Marketing

Describe your passion, your expertise, and your way.

My passion is travel. I love learning about new cultures and immersing myself in them. It’s not about going to the most glamorous places — it’s about going to interesting places and finding local spots to have a good meal, strong drink, and great conversation with locals. The majority of my career has been spent in corporate marketing roles for consulting firms, so my expertise is B2B marketing. I like the challenge of B2B and the variety of work that comes across my desk every day. Most people can multitask — I relish in it. My 'way' is to never take myself too seriously.

What did you do prior to Prophet?

I started my career at Andersen. I was there when the Enron scandal hit and stayed until they literally started auctioning the furniture out from under me. After that, I worked for a boutique consulting firm in Chicago.

What drew you to Prophet?

As a professional services marketer, there was something really exciting about marketing for marketers. The caliber of Prophet’s clients and people was a huge draw — I learn how to be a better marketer every day from my colleagues. They are a constant source of inspiration.

What is the best part of working at Prophet?

The people. It’s a fun environment and although everyone here is really smart, they are humble and fun. We share a lot of laughs.