Jesse Purewal

Associate Partner

What is your favorite brand?

The Detroit Red Wings. Across the entire North American economy, there is arguably no better single representation for the composite of quality, longevity, consistency, loyalty, and community.

Years in consulting or with Prophet?

I have worked and lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, Raleigh, Seattle, and San Francisco over my 15 years in consulting. I have been with Prophet for just over 8 years, based in San Francisco.

What drew you to Prophet?

Most of my career has been spent in consulting, and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously – especially the problem solving, relationship building, and variety of company cultures and business environments. When I found a chance to combine my consulting experience with the interest in brand/marketing I developed during my MBA program, Prophet was a natural step. I was most drawn to the firm by its culture – intelligent, approachable, and dynamic.

What has been your most interesting or unique Prophet project thus far?

On the client side, partnering with the marketing organization at a Fortune 100 technology company based in Silicon Valley. Broadly speaking, I had the chance to help the CMO and her team develop the long-term brand strategy that will support the company’s growth. The two aspects I’ve enjoyed most: Developing strong relationships with my internal and client teams and working across all five of our practice areas on a single account. On the internal side, being part of the team that developed Prophet’s first-ever Brand Relevance Index. Tremendously rewarding from an intellectual, relationship-building, and impact perspective.

Any advice to applicants?

It is more important for us to understand who you are, and why you’ve chosen your path, than what you have done. Everyone is capable of describing the “what” – those who can articulate the “who” and the “why” will understand whether Prophet is the right place and will also tend to be more successful in the recruiting process.