Julie Purser

Associate Partner

Describe your passion, your expertise and your way.

My passion is people. I know that probably sounds a little cheesy, but I love understanding what makes people tick. What gets at their heads and their hearts, and what that means for the work we do. I also love to travel, it’s a great way to meet new people and experience new cultures. I try to meet new people everywhere I go!

My expertise is storytelling. I like to take all of the research, frameworks, data, charts, etc. that have gone into a project and tell a great story.

My way is thoughtful. I like to take in points-of-view from many different people and places. The more ideas, the better!

What do you like to do outside the office?

Travel. For a lot of consultants the last thing they want to do when they’re done traveling during the week is get on an airplane. But I love to hop on a plane with my husband and spend a long weekend in Paris, Costa Rica, Denver, etc… In fact, we’ve decided to keep a packed bag in our car in case we just might want to take a quick road trip!

Years in consulting or with Prophet?

I’ve been with Prophet for 8 years – and they sure have gone by quickly!

What did you do prior to Prophet?

I worked at Leo Burnett, first in their strategy and analytics group and then as an account executive on the Allstate account.

What has been your most interesting or unique Prophet project thus far?

I worked for a large, global client who wanted to understand if their brand positioning was still relevant for the company. In order to find out, we interviewed over 400 of their stakeholders across the globe. I found myself in Minneapolis, Mexico City, Milan, Bucharest, Budapest, and Buenos Aires in the span of 3 weeks. I’ve never met such interesting people or had such an amazing work experience. And at the end we came up with a new brand positioning that is truly spectacular!

Any advice to applicants?

If you’re passionate about brand and marketing bring that passion to your interview. We are passionate about the work we do and we expect new applicants to be as well!