Paul Schrimpf


Describe your passion, your expertise, and your way.

My passion is people watching. Sometimes I think I should have been an anthropologist. I’m really entertained by watching people being human, and learning why they behave the way they do. Even when it’s B2B, it’s still people interacting with people. I think it’s also why I like traveling so much. People, culture, and how everything collides is so cool.

What is your favorite brand?

Well, this one changes every week. Today we’ll go with Subaru. I’ve had my Outback for over 12 years and it’s seen as nearly as many states as I have. It’s not as main-stream as Honda or Toyota. It’s not as rugged as a Ford F-150 or a Hummer. It’s a little of everything, does exactly what I need it to do, and a tad different. Perhaps you could say it’s an extension of my personality (as most cars are to their owners).

How long have you been consulting?

I’ve been with Prophet over three years. Been in true consulting for six. If you count marketing research as consulting, that brings me to 11 years helping clients solve various marketing and brand issues.

What is the best part of working at Prophet?

This will be over-used, but I love the people. I’ve never worked anywhere that has this many hard-working and interesting people. Usually you get one or the other. And I love the variety in everything. Each project brings a new issue, team, topic, industry, etc. — nothing ever gets boring.

Any advice to applicants?

Show-off your personality. I’ve noticed that the more people are “themselves” in the office, the more favorable they are viewed. People who put up a virtual wall and don’t let their personality shine through don’t seem to be as successful as others who let it hang out. Be interested and interesting!